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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

this and that.

been in the states a few weeks now, sans television or computer ... but still semi-connected via borrowed iPhone. I do have a radio (!) so I've been plugged in to KPFA (public radio) and NPR and keeping updated with the whirling world changes abroad ... plus listening to some of the more radical (ha ha, for america) views expressed here in the good ole usofa.

Imagine how shocking it is to some of my French friends that I can hear the views of American socialists expressed here ... or a segment covering Marie le Pen's rise in France, replete with a snippet of the Marseillaise being sung in front of a statue of Jeanne d'Arc in Paris!!!

or that the upheavals in Egypt can be followed closely, including Aljazeera's coverage which helps ensure more than one view is presented. American is in a bit of a bind these days ... how to appear to be promoting democracy and yet the behind the scenes scrambling with their other propped-up Arab dictatorships and what to do when all of the people of these lands might have a vote and bring on board someone / some regime that doesn't lockstep with our voracious oil appetite or blind support of Israel.

Yes, here in the states we have slivers of liberals around who guard their Socialist views with pleasure!! count me in but my views are no longer very guarded, so there.

I'm not so impressed with those who think the French should do this or that simply because the rest of the world is ... ex. recent fol de rol re: retirement age. but that is no surprise to you my readers, or my social circle either. disappointing to hear some of the French shenanigans as well (ex. Michelle Alliot-Marie's foolishness ... give her the boot!).

I've little patience for those who come to France and then moan about everything that is different than where they were from ... be it politics, weather, the local restaurant or whatever else.

on the plus side, the weather has been phenomenal ... sunny blue skies each and every day. last week-end, in the high 70s. Was fun helping Johnelle prepare for the Alameda Antique Fair (also known as one of the biggest, most amazing vide-greniers EVAH and that includes those in France). Got to help prepare / finish several pieces which all sold like hotcakes and also get lots of new inspiration for my return and little shop in Brantôme ... always fun.

knocking about, looking for some new experiences that will inform other projects on my list when I return.

Miss my puppies something terrible, Henry tells me they are french speaking now so I better step up my game or they won't understand me when I return!

I'm saving some of my socialist soapbox stuff for my next post ... get ready world .... hi hi hi!

à bientôt!