(the misadventures of an expatriate corporate dropout)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

let the countdown begin.

hello dear readers. not sure how many of you regulars even remain ... no one to blame but myself for that! but I am on the downside of my stay in america and sooner than later will be reunited with my home, my life, my computer!

funny enough, I have gained about a dozen new followers while here ... with less writing than ever! hmmmm!

while here I have not had a working computer of my own and have relied upon a borrowed smartphone for online access, with the occasional borrowed moments at a laptop (such as now!). writing on a smartphone is best left to the occasional Facebook blurb or texting...at least for a non-teen like me.

but now, I am beyond excited to begin counting the days until I am home again. and looking forward to writing more. I would like to say writing more regularly, but I am loathe to put that out there and then let myself down.

so much has happened in the 3 months I've been in america (shudder). let's see... earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear meltdowns, revolutionary activity in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, more war in Libya and the Ivory coast... tea party takeovers, union dismantling, niqab ban in France, huge fire in Brantôme forests...I will probably add to this list as more appears to my feeble brain. all of it viewed from the tiny scope of an iphone screen and the welcome reportage of National Public Radio.

this stay has indeed reinforced the wisdom of my decision to move abroad. there is a sad and sickly malaise which has enveloped the country ... it is hard to describe but I would say something like a nation of people who have given up, but sadly have nowhere else to go... I fear that things are going to get quite a bit worse before the possibility of better, at least for the definition of better that me and my friends would provide.

for me, my values have veered so far beyond what america now represents that I am a bit unwelcome, even amongst my friends! I fear I'm considered a bit of weirdo, ranting about what seems so utterly wrong here. After the first few weeks I had to resolve to just shut my mouth. even my dearest lefty friends are defensive about the state of affairs and after a lot of reflection, I did indeed reach the conclusion that it is because who wants to be told how fucked up your situation is ... when you can't change your situation?

this whole tea party shift is something to see. it appears to me that the manipulation of these masses has been perfected to an art. miraculously this group has organized themselves (rich puppetmasters' funding of course has been wonderfully helpful) while the majority of poor, working and middle class individuals continue to slumber. there were some hopeful signs in Wisconsin, but the cynic in me doubts this will catch fire. I'm not sure how far the beat-down will have to go before the potential sleeping giant is prodded enough to fight back. if they even can be bothered. le sigh.

meanwhile, the corporate propaganda machine is hard at work, telling the nation (during commercials between the hundreds of reality shows like Extreme Couponing and "insert D-Celebrity Has Been Name Here" Family Fame Game) how wonderful their lives are because of XYZ Corporation's efforts. For example, Kaiser Healthcare who is helping YOU Thrive (while reaping their profits finding ways to deny your claim) or CHASE Bank, CHASE What Matters (your house through foreclosure, a prime example of what they have perfected) or GE bringing good things to light (such as their $14Billion in 2010 profits with ZERO Federal Tax paid) It would be laughable if not so tragic. And thousands and thousands of sheeple have been organized to defend to the virtual death this dysfunctional american way.

can you see why my dinner invitations dried up rather quickly?!

during all of it, my focus has been to work. there have been but a handful of days that I haven't had a project or some small job to focus on. I have sanded and repainted countless pieces of furniture, cared for numerous little people, delivered catering services, provided leasing services, helped to landscape, and provided business consulting services (déja vu). doing anything and everything to help preserve my simple little life.

I have benefited from the generosity of family and friends, and met and made several new acquaintances in the process. In fact, I even met new family members (it was always rumored my father had other offspring ... well I met a half-brother and his wife and little son ... a very nice evening was had).

I have also prepared for the coming new season for The Bohemians and I will be returning to work equally hard for a third successful year. Numerous unfinished projects await my care and attention... furniture painting, store revamping, preparation of an added furniture showroom, introduction of new artists, planting of my potager, reopening of my little abode who has enjoyed a long winter nap...

for now, I am trying to stay focused ... get it all together, finish up a long list of last minute activities ... and maintain my optimism and sense of humor.

à bientôt, mes loulous!!! xx