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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

feeling pretty satisfied with myself.

I just opened my mail and now hold in my hands my carte d'assuré social. I am now officially covered for health services in France. Yes, I still will probably get a 'top up' policy ... but for the really big stuff (hospital stays, etc.) I am covered and can sleep a little easier.

I'm feeling a bit proud because I've cleared another hurdle and all on my lonesome. Not because I married someone who gave me all of their benefits but self-reliantly. And on the up and up.

I've achieved legal, long-term residency approval. I've started a legitimate business. and now, I have social services that I legally qualify for. I will pay into the system via my property and business tax contributions and will benefit accordingly.

KNOCK ON WOOD. (taps skull). because I'm suspicious like that.

All of this has occurred with effort and perseverance on my part. But it hasn't been a horror story. No one made me feel like I didn't deserve these things.

I have no official experience with the immigration process in the United States. But my impression is that a lot of effort is expended on trying to figure out why someone should not be allowed to be there, to participate in the system, etc.

That's kind of what I expected here, given my impressions of the U.S.

not at all the case.


JChevais said...

Congrats. Welcome to the service your taxes pay for. Whee!

Mignonne said...


The Pliers said...

Hot damn!

I thought that it was a big deal seeing my name sur une carte grise but it's got nothin' on your accomplishments of a few short months.

Although you used different words, I am assuming that you are talking about having received your little green Carte Vitale, if not, please correct me.

And I agree that it is an enormous feat to have done that on your own, unattached to a French husband who might have cleared the way to these symbols of social integration for you.

You already know how much I admire your "Go get it!" approach to life in France so I won't go on brown-nosing here at length!


Kim et Jean-Yves said...

no, I received the official approval letter with my acceptance to all things social santé and the promise of cards to come. the main thing is I have the affirmation AND the number, so I can go to a dr. I have an app't next week ... here you have to declare a treatment doctor (your primary doctor)...for lack of knowing any better, I'm choosing JY's...can always change later I think. Haven't heard good things about a dr here in brantome. probably should find one in Perigueux..maybe I'll ask around.

jonnifer said...

No rush to declare your medecin traitant, if you don't want. You will still get reimbursed for seeing a GP and anyway, they're cheap: just 23 euros for a standard appointment. I think the main reason for declaring a MT is because their referral makes seeing a specialist cheaper.

Randal Graves said...

So what you're saying is that you're officially a frog? Traitor! I mean, congratulations.

cynthia in the french alps said...

Congratulations! That's a big deal. And frankly, Im jealous. I'm married to a Frenchman but I am not eligible for the French health system since I am still paid in dollars with my LA consulting business, and therefore don't pay into the French system. My husband's work won't cover me either - only if I wasnt working at all. But honestly, I'm very happy for you and it must be a big relief. Take care of yourself and get that supplemental insurance that pays for spas and massages too. Cynthia in the French Alps

jadie said...

pretty impressive of you! you might give a thought to writing a book...(you know, in all your spare time, heh.)

Kathleen said...

Wow... you are an inspiration. This is so cool and takes you one more step closer to being the official french madame I've always known you to be..xo

C'est Kim said...

Happy Thanksgiving from your evil Kim twin in Sacramento, California.

Non Je Ne Regrette Rien said...

jonnifer-thanks for the scoop


cynthia-hmmm, yeah I want one of those! and thanks

jadie-well indeed! good idea..

kathleen-miss you ..

c'est kim-who knew! you'll have to be pretty evil to outdo me!

Anonymous said...

wow! that's a good news... Congratulations.