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Sunday, December 27, 2009


well my xmas season has been a bust on many fronts...xmas morning I thought i was going to laze about until someone rapa-tappa-tatted my front door loudly. it was my neighbor across the street, a man who works for Sogedo the water co. He was there to alert me to what appeared to be a water leak. the night before when walking back from xmas mass at the church...i noticed an inordinate amount of water dripping from my roof.... i chalked it up to the rain and went on in to bed....the next morning (xmas) my neighbor was there with his portable in hand to tell me I had a water leak. we gazed upward to observe my rain gutters still overflowing... and even more strange, overflowing with hot water..........he told me it was necessary to turn off my water...he even had Sogedo (the water company) on the phone telling them they didn't have to send someone to cut off the water. I then called JY, leaving a disjointed message. Keeping in mind that it seems lately every time I call JY it is for a home repair problem....I've had heating problems up the wazoo too.

so I had Christmas without water, had to skip the 2 invites I had because no water.... and then the heat is affected because of no water...my neighbor and friend Nicole asked me to go listen to music Friday after the shop closed....and offered a shower if I wanted it...I went to the music concert but begged off of the shower... why not see if I could make it till Sunday? lol

Sunday I bathed. the village celebrated. today JY arrived to inspect my various water and heating issues. He is in a foul mood because of his supposed poor xmas. what about my fucked up holiday??????????????? he needs a spanking. or a trip to the beach. he's a bitch in winter....god, these fucking french countryfolks and their winter doldrums. freakin' Perigordins...

nothing that a bottle of white and a little puff*puff can't medicate.

also. I recently decided to try and cook from my larder till it is depleted vs. shopping and overflowing.

this has resulted in:

poulet en cidre encore.
lamb curry.
rice and tuna salad.
fish curry with zucchini.

and various accoutrements. I continue to rifle through my freezer and larder as opposed to shopping. I wanted to deplete my larder before shopping further. For some reason, having lots of stuff on my shelves equalled security ... but moving here I realized that so many folks shop day to day for foodstuffs....I want a balance.... well-stocked shelves that can get me through a short spell, but avoiding the American sickness of weekly shopping and *hoarding* vs. capitalizing on what we have to put forth delicious well-balanced meals.

tonight I had tuna and rice salad, crackers with goat cheese and white wine. slurp.

um maybe I'm kinda tipsy and that is why this post is jimbojambalayed?! lol.

also strangely noticed that today I went from 74th most popular blog in France to 96th.



Maureen said...

Haha! I have been lurking because I just love your blog.

Well you made it through Christmas and all is well - a few bumps in the road but shit happens. After the leaps of faith that you have taken (I am envious) I would just say "Carry on.". Small potatoes.

Non Je Ne Regrette Rien said...

well hello Maureen and thanks for delurking ! always nice to meet a reader...looking forward to checking out your blogs. Loved the winter photos, some of those bird shots would make really cool silkscreens...

you are so right about the small shit...who am I to complain, right? ha!

Randal Graves said...

'bout time you showered. Smelled ya all the way over here.

What's up with this weirdo twitter authentication at your place? That's why you dropped.

Word verification: hydrolo. Apropos, non?

Non Je Ne Regrette Rien said...

rg-me non comprendo! please explain ... something's amiss? I added a twitter widget, if it is messin' with stuffs its outtahere!

and if you could smell me all the way over there, imagine my pain. pee-you. :P

Maureen said...

Oy vey - there is an issue with Twitter authentication. Kept getting a pop up. Couldn't comment directly on your blog - had to reply to your comment. Strange.

Thanks for checking out my "summer" blog (I don't use it as much in the off season since it's mostly about the great outdoors.).

Non Je Ne Regrette Rien said...

okay ... well then I'm deleting twitter! post haste! ha...

Non Je Ne Regrette Rien said...

ps-wow, seasonal blogs?! who knew?! lol

Anonymous said...

I've lurked without comment for some time now. I admire your courage and fortitude. Winter is a tough nut. Please know that some(many, well one at least) of us are awed by you.

Non Je Ne Regrette Rien said...

anon~lurkers welcomed and appreciated here. thanks for letting me know that, lifted my spirits a bit!