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Monday, April 12, 2010

knock knock. who's there? been. been who?

been halfway to france but now we're here!

so there I was ... at home ... still moving slowly because I feel weakened a bit these days, pahhh! just thinking about lunch when what do I hear but a knock at the door.

I open my door to discover Les Framericaines at my doorstep! I had one of those weird suspended in time moments. you know, where you're looking straight at something but it just don't register! Mr. & Mrs. Halfway to France were here, in person, just taking a chance that I'd be in and my want to pop out for lunch!?!

well, spirits have been quiet on the home front and, once I picked up my jaw and recovered my boundaries a bit, I happily accepted...and we spent the next few hours just yakking and toasting and mange'ing some deliciousness ... at one of my favorite little eateries ... the locals didn't know what to make of us ... 2 boisterous American women (one who glided from rough & tumble american english to perfectly accented french with ease) and 1 genteel Frenchman, lolling over each course with delight.

our rapport was instantaneous and we couldn't catch up fast enough! LesF's and I also did the requisite tour of my project/dump/work in progress maison and my boutique and the newly appointed ateliér! My house was caught (not surprisingly) in its usual state of deshabillé ... an embarrassing assemblage of unwashed dishes in the sink and stuff everywhere. Not exactly what one wants to present to visitors ... mais, tant pis. The first thing I did when they departed was clean the kitchen. (hangs head in shame).

but they were lovely sports about it ... not surprising at all.

We are planning a rendez-vous-redux when I get back from the states...I'm going to wander up their way and check out their scene a bit! fun, huh?

(oh and BTW, I'm still sick. apparently the germs will not be satisfied until they have invaded all of my nether regions. now I'm stuck with some intestinal ridiculousness. and I'm sick of saying I'm sick but I'm feeling a bit broken down by all of this. why me, I entreat ... Pourquoi mois???) le sigh.


La Framéricaine said...

Well, under the circumstances, I think that it is only fitting that it is I who have the honor of the first comment on this post! Talk about timing!

It is true that we dropped in on you out of the blue, rolling the dice and gambling that you might be around, working on your fantastic home, garden, workshop, and boutique! Fortunately for us you didn't send us away and were as peckish as we were.

Lunch was delightful and the conversation even better! I, of course, felt like we had just seen each other yesterday rather than never met at all in person. Hard to believe that our first cybertalk was two years ago, almost to the day and our first telephone call was practically that long ago, too.

Le F and I were both blown away by the magnitude of the project that you took on singlehandedly, with J-Y's help only after the fact of committing to your purchase of house and land. And in complete admiration of all that you have accomplished in the past two years with money, sweat, and tears!

Driving into Brantôme it was not hard to see why you chose it as a place to begin your long-dreamed-of life in France. The town is stunningly lovely and we greatly appreciated the time we spent walking about, guided by you in discovering its hidden charms.

I actually hoped that we would see you up here BEFORE you flew off to NoCal and parts north. But if we have to wait, it will be with pleasant anticipation of your visit.

Amitiés de notre part et merci pour ta gentil accueil à Brantôme,

Delana said...

I don't know this whole story...but I would like to.

Your comments about doing the dishes...after....the unexpected guests made me laugh. How many times have I done that, will renewed intentions of keeping the place guest ready at all times. That usually lasts all of 4 hours at which time my ADD personality takes over and starts "projects" everywhere. Except the kitchen sink.

I really hope you feel better soon. Sick nether regions suck!