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Sunday, August 15, 2010

strangely resistant.

for some reason, while I don't think a day has passed where I haven't thought about my blog and writing, I have been unable to lure myself to the keyboard.

a small series of events at first prompted me to pause my blogging habit. now that stalker girl (waves ... yeah YOU missy) has become an acknowledged joke and source of amusement in our lives, I can put that aside as an excuse for not writing.

of course, the fact that I have been extremely occupied with Brantôme's short season (July/August) and opening the shop daily to capitalize on the increased activity has also been a factor. working hard and sleeping badly has affected my rhythm and energy.
It is going well and the shop has been busy, with interest in furniture building (which is what I wanted).

there have been many blogworthy moments and new twists and turns that I hope to return to sharing with you ... probably not until September when the chaos of life has slowed a bit and I can organize myself to recount them.

suffice it to say, I've more than enough material these past (and coming) weeks to create my own Woody Allen-like screenplay.

and I thought life was only like this in the movies!

à bientôt!


Keith Eckstein said...

I've always wanted a stalker girl but I always thought I was too short?

If you're done with yours, could you point her in my direction?

All the best


P.S. You can tell her that I'm taller than Nicolas Sarkozy if that helps!

The Pliers said...

Good luck with the season and with pushing through to all those things that you would like to write about and are not yet able to!

Evelyn said...

I've been checking your blog and was beginning to be concerned! Glad things are okay. Will check back in Sept. Hope to see you back.

Randal Graves said...

Have you thought about stealing artwork from a nearby museum? That ought to generate a blog post or two.

Non Je Ne Regrette Rien said...

keith-take her she's yours!

pliers-thanks again for the yummy lunch and as always the words of encouragement


rg-better yet, how about if i just steal some of your posts?? merci bcp!

Expatbrit said...

Alright, now I want to know more about Stalker Girl.

Why would she stalk you? ("I hate Brantome! All who mention it must be obliterated!I shall turn Brantome into the new Nagasaki with my radioactive critiques on Trip Advisor!")

How does she stalk? ("My new blog Oui Je Regrette Absolument Bloody Tout will provide devastating rebuttals to her every blog post!")

Tell all. Oh yes, and hello again after two years.


Delana said...

I know the feeling. Writing...stacking up in your head...thoughts threatening to fall into the abyss. And no damned way to sit down and write them. Frustrating as hell. Yes...and tell us about stalker girl! When you can. Coming to Paris late next week. Coffee?