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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

music to my ears.

alors, je suis bien reinstallé!

I am soaking up the tones of my beloved français at every moment. Both the formal langue français exchanged between strangers in public places and the rapid-fire parisien argot of mes messieurs!

likely my français is more like that one horn in the village band that is sadly out of tune and rings the sour note in an otherwise melodic ensemble.

not that I am in any way deterred from chiming in! three months sans français, either hearing or speaking, left me in fear of having lost my voice.

I remember my language professor here in France told me that many times she has observed a funny thing amongst her students. After taking a break from studying or speaking, it seems perhaps the new language returns with a force stronger than before. I am sure there is something to it ... perhaps the new data rests in the amazing organic computer we call our brain and is somehow integrated more strongly with the break.

I am finding my comprehension better than before ... my pronunciation and vocab perhaps a little ... lacking. not exactly lacking but kind of slow ... like your car in winter when first starting in the morning! Once warmed up, going strong!

also, it seems each nuance of pronunciation is more evident to me, noticing more subtleties than before and trying to commit them to memory.

just one aspect of the absolute blissful experience to have returned home, to my new land!

à trés bientôt!


Evelyn said...

Welcome home! AFter spending the winter in the Lot, I'm on my way back to the States next week to work this summer and organize my life so I can return here. Thanks for preparing me for the culture shock of re-entering American culture. Should be interesting!

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