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Friday, June 17, 2011

miam miam >>>

My life has become insane in regards to work and available time...work is infringing upon my dream a bit (another post entirely) and it is difficult to even find time to shop for food ... let alone go to market day and seek out the most beautiful that France has to offer.

but somehow ... just when I am getting discouraged about things, someone ... something ... hears my silent cries and poof! ANSWERS APPEAR~ like magic I tell you ... hee hee

So enter the Panniers des Roches (probably going to have to go back and respell that later) ... there I was in the shop (when am I NOT in the shop these days? but anyhoo) last Friday ... arranging things and this woman comes in for a look. we get to talking and she asks if she can put some brochures up about her business. I say sure, what's your business and she points across the street and says "des panniers" ... I ask what panniers and she explains that .... drum roll ....

her and her husband have an organic farm near Nontron (about 20 minutes up the road) and they deliver vegetable baskets to subscribers. I ask if I can have a look and we cross the road where they deliver to the local primary school every Friday. She shows me a basket for 1 person and it is chock full of the most beautiful produce!!! I ask the cost and she tells me 11 euros per week. 3,50€ supplement if you choose, where it rotates weekly between sweet and savory. You will get homemade cornichons...or confiture... or other yummy stuff.

I decided (in about 10 seconds) to give it a try. So today I received my first pannier. Here is what I got:

1. The most beautiful head of lettuce EVAH!!! (ok picture sucks but you can still see how massive it is.
2. Two large fennel bulbs.
3. Two GINORMOUS artichokes.
4. A bunch of carrots just pulled, dirt clinging (maybe 12 of them)
5. A paper bag of new red potatoes.
6. Fresh sorrel.
7. A large bunch of fresh radishes.
8. A recipe for a galette with fennel and new potatoes.

So. instead of feeling sorry for myself that I am too busy to go to market day every week (only now and then), I am celebrating the discovery of this enormous luxury of having amazing fresh organic produce delivered to my door every week for a paltry sum... I will still enjoy France's bounty and be able to cook some delicous and healthy food.

I am still one of the luckiest girls in the world. sure, my dreams have become a bit tarnished here and there ... or maybe it is just that I am working harder for them. but they are still there!!

ALL of it is gorgeous. and it was 11 euros.


Amy said...

What a fantastic scheme! Serendipity.

SE said...

Isn't it fun to open a box of farm-fresh produce? I joined one of those farm-to-home things here in the states (Seattle) and I loved it. Except here, it's a more expensive option than just buying on your own, so I had to stop it.

Good luck with the store- hope you have a stellar season!

Mignonne Decor said...

so amazing!!! what a score, i hope things are brighter .. hard work equals big results, just know i am right here with ya, for ya, love ya!!! jj

The Bohemians said...

amy- synergy!

<SE-yes I know they exist in the US, this is similar to the CSA process there. thanks for your best wishes and I hope so too.

Hi babe, what a treat for the positive comments from my daughter, my inspiration. your thoughts are spot on and to know I have your support means the world!! xxxxxxxxxxx