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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

wednesday's wonderful.

Okay, well it was a gobstoppingly beautiful day on the coast today. As I ran through a variety of tasks, I was kissed by the sun and everyone was in a good mood. I noticed how kind and mellow everyone in this little town can be.

My pups were groomed at the local vet, they returned with snappy bandannas. When I inquired about boarding, they volunteered a tour of the joint ... (had to twist arms at many other locations). The fellows at Ace Hardware and Napa Parts bent over backward to be of assistance. I've brought order to 2/3rds of my cabin. I've got 5 weeks booked. I'm pouring wine for a last visit with a friend here. I'm pleased to say that I could spend happy hours, days, weeks ... basically times in general in this little coastal village. And I'm confident I can spend an equal if not even more fulfilling period at my proposed destination.

Yes those crazy voices are still there. I think it is a good thing to let you (my readers) know that doubts emerge. That it isn't an easy task to buck the norm. To take a risk. To open the door to potential wonderful occurrences. You too shall experience the gamut of emotions should you endeavor to undertake an adventure such as mine.

embrace them. each and every wonderful emotion. make them yours. wonderfully yours.


La Framéricaine said...

Clean dogs! Nice locals!! Beautiful weather on the coast!!!

What could be next? Perhaps an uneventful, smooth, orderly trip to the airport, loading of les chiens (you know, those are great props for going to France. French people love dogs and even let them into cafés. Your dogs can be your unofficial ambassadors! Nice!), security passage, flight, deplaning, gathering together of the bags and babies, drive to Le Périgord, and opening up of your house! Just imaging the very best.

After that 12 hours of sleep!!!

Randal Graves said...

All emotions are vital, the 'good' ones, the 'bad,' we wouldn't be human otherwise. Yet, lording over all of them is the notion that this is a completely groovy thing that you're doing, whatever happens.

Utah Savage said...

As usual, What Randal said. Until we meet again. Send us a note to let us know how it goes. And be of good cheer. You are doing the most exciting thing imaginable. I wish I had your courage; I too might be packing.

Our Juicy Life said...

ah - you are so close to your new life and i'm so proud of you. hold on to your feeling and remember them because they are so real and fresh and important to what you are going through right now. you are turning a corner and heading down a new path and I'm so excited for you.