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Thursday, June 11, 2009

obla di, obla dah

weeks slide into each other lately ... we just keep on chipping away at our project, doing the frenchified sidestep around obstacles encountered and then sashay on forward a bit.

still futzing with changes to my carte de sejour. After getting a letter in the mail from friendly prefecture man telling me I needed to obtain an attestation from my bank and bring it on down, I went on over to the bank and submitted my request. The not-so-friendly madame told me it would take a week or so and I would get it in the mail. After 10 days, I went back to the bank and lo/behold, the manager typed something up on the spot. I proceeded to the prefecture, which was closed.

Next day, got up and drove back to the prefecture (each trip is about 30 minutes one way. gasp, that's long in frenchy-time!). Got my number, waited my turn, presented my papers and was told no, the letter was insufficient because there was not a balance (soldes) on there.


Back to the bank for an appointment I already had regarding an internet fraud on my account (another story!! gasp). Whilst there, I informed mr. manager that I had given his colleague a copy of the Prefecture letter and thus when I returned ... I hadn't provided him with a copy and thus the letter was incomplete.

Well, he retyped the letter with today's balance. Which was over 1,000 euros off the mark due to the internet fraud. And he said he couldn't change it. Because those amounts had yet to be reimbursed.


When I discussed my fear that the quoted balance would appear too low, JY was in agreeance. So now, I must return to the bank next week and request a new letter (3rd) and return to the prefecture (5th) with my new letter.

Hopefully (but highly unlikely) that will complete all the documents for my dossier to change my status. we'll see.

In the meantime, we've placed our first order for merchandise for our new little business, "The Bohemians".

I've posted new pics of our work progress on the flickr account (sidebar link) ... it is coming right along. Tonight we are driving to Paris for a day of shopping (Friday) for the shop and a day of visiting (Saturday). Home Sunday.

Next week we commence with working on the floor of the shop. It is cement and I have a painting idea. JY is dubious. But hey, nothing different about that exchange of ideas! lol.

I also FINALLY have not one but TWO new lawnmowers. Guess who found them for me! ha.

One is super heavy duty and one is just heavy duty. One has a Honda Motor and the other a Briggs & Stratton (?). Both are considered "trés bien" by monsieur and the two were 160 euros.

I spent today being pulled around the huge garden by the super heavy duty lawnmower, much to the amused entertainment of Jean Yves.

I've been sick with a cold and therefore cranky. Today's garden performance didn't help. I passed on lunch and retreated to my room for a good sulk and a nap.

la la la la, life goes on.


La Framéricaine said...

Way to go, Madame! You never cease to amaze me and make me tired just thinking about mowing lawns and painting things. Gawd I'm glad I have no yard to speak of! Have a blast in Gay Paree!

Randal Graves said...

Two lawnmowers? Murka is jealous. What about a weed whacker and an edger?

The French bureaucracy sounds just like the ghost stories we were told as little kids.

word verification: babicat

Randal Graves said...

re: photos: you're growing peaches and pears? You're my hero. Betcha that was you with the spray paint protest.

amy said...

Hope you have a wonderful time in Paris! PS You are the picture of patience with the bureaucracy - but what other choice is there?!

JChevais said...

I honed in on the painting project. What's your idea?

Boo that I won't be able to see you tomorrow. Kid 1 is having his birthday party (dreading!) Have oodles of fun!

Jackie said...

Umm.....I believe that's supposed to read, "Le Sigh". ;)

francetales.com said...

Well I don't know what your level of French is but trust me, as it gets better and better, no what matter how much you know you shouldn't, you will start to argue a little and sometimes lose patience, during a CDS encounter. After you do it a few times you know exactly what the requirements are and will not be so nice with the person who tells you absurdities.

I will have to read a little more to find out what kind of "shop" you are opening.