(the misadventures of an expatriate corporate dropout)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


miam miam, how did I forget to have raclette for the three years I have lived here? I had completely lost track of how deliciously simple it can be ... I had it once on vacation here in Paris, wow seems ages ago.

he did it right ... big platter of charcuterie. tiny potatoes, buttery and warmly cooked to perfection. a salad as only a frenchman can toss. loads of tiny cornichons. and a pile of cheese, waiting to be melted and slathered over everything!!!

oh and of course a little red. and a little rosé. dessert of dried figs.

after, nearly comatose. until out came the beranic (sp?) tabletop bowling game.

oh and of course music. lots of music.

always a party with jean yves. lots of cheesy goodness .. heehee! :P


Kathleen said...

Wish we could have been there with you!

Melissa said...

I have been wanting to try raclette! It is on my French To Do List for sure. I hope when I order it it comes out looking like yours!