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Sunday, February 15, 2009

this much closer.

well, the floors in the kitchen are now completely sanded. We spent about five hours Friday morning sanding, JY with the large belt sander and me, hands/knees with a special electric 'edger'. The sanders had their own vacuum attachments so the dust was less than I expected. We finished sanding about 1:00 p.m. and, famished, we had lunch in Thiviers. First we pulled up to return the equipment (late ... but apparently the vendor was kind of a jerk and only wanted us to have the machines for 2 hours after we reserved for one day... like a job of this magnitude could be done in a day ... harumph). The next customer was sat outside the shop waiting for us and the vendor had gone off to lunch. So he gathered the equipment and then we went to the restaurant.

It was my first time at this restaurant in Thiviers ... of which there is a limited selection. The lunch was actually not bad ... the menu du jour, 'ouvrier' style (workers). You arrive and all the tables are set with a large carafe of vin rouge. You start with a big tureen of the day's soup (delicious legume). Then a trip to the salad bar ... with a broad selection. and no lettuce! lol. Charcuterie, poached fish, red cabbage, beets, shredded carrots, artichoke hearts, several styles of cold pastas, celeriac, and other assorted pickled vegetables. A big basket of delicious fresh bread. On to the main course, today (we were very late) we were offered steak/frites but I am certain there was some other dish earlier. Next, Fromage! a large plate with 5 or 6 choices. Next, dessert! Choice of creme brulee, fruit cocktail, ice cream, or baba rhum (our choice... mmmmm) and then ... coffee! 13.50 euros (about $17/$18 US).

Friday afternoon was spent vacuuming the floor thoroughly and then hands/knees application of linseed oil. A big fire was in the fireplace to help the drying process. All appliances were moved out so I'm back to no kitchen for a bit!

Sunday (today) I applied a second coat of oil to the floor. Did I mention the floors are chestnut?! They are gorgeous and light and the sanding just made the whole room warmer, lighter, brighter .... lovely. Take a look below at the process pictures (I couldn't delete the preset song but I think I got it to show without playing...crosses fingers).

Je suis fatigué! I'm ready for a break. which we're taking. more on that on Monday!


jonnifer said...

Comme c'est beau ! Extracting the beauty of your home with your own two hands must be incredibly satisfying. I would try it around here but the owner might get mad...

Kathleen said...

Wonderful... when I think of how that floor looked with layers of limestone dust on it..... WOW!

Anonymous said...
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