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Thursday, May 7, 2009

bloggess summit ...

well okay. maybe bloggess visit.

I'm excited to be driving to visit Notre Vie Juteuse et sa mari in the Aveyron this week-end.

That makes another blogger willing to help me shake my blues (Amy Rigby has done so in the past ... )

I've realized I need to invest a little more time in building community here if I am to survive. Thus far, my year has been absorbed with house renovation and then straight in to atelier renovation ... which means my life has nearly completely centered around that and a large percentage has also been focused with my partner for completing those efforts. I haven't had much social balance and I think that has also heightened the effect(s) of any changes with that primary relationship I've formed. I really don't want to get into all of the various complications this could potentially create.

Suffice it to say, I need to mix it up a little more. and that might shake up ALL the puzzle pieces and help them fall more easily into place.

or not. who the hell knows?!

one thing is for certain, I still feel pretty rudderless in comparison to my control freak existence in the U.S. Some days I am good with the ambiguity. others it is crushing.

I'm sure there are lessons in all of this for me. until I've grasped them, there is always red wine and JM Rhum.

and blogger visits! yay! Notre Vie and hubby have graciously offered to host me and the doggy fellas for a couple of nights! there's even a party on Saturday that I can attend! yay again! keep your digits crossed for us that this pretty weather holds ...


Randal Graves said...

I think you're just a big moocher 'cause there will be food and drink. You can't fool me.

amy said...

Aww, thanks. When you come back there's always that cute little cafe in Piegut to visit?! hope you have a swell time.

Utah Savage said...

Let your hair down, give up the illusion that you are in control of anything. And have a great time. Wish I were there.

Owen Peery said...

I was just in the Dordogne visiting the chateau in Beynac. Life has been difficult but I am crawling out of my shell too. I'm still in Toulouse and one day it would be nice to meet. I may even start blogging again, Golly! I have loads of ideas, at least it is a start.