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Saturday, July 4, 2009

it's been a good few days ...

the weather has been absolutely sizzling ... and there have been daily water fights to prove it! lol. but we've still managed progress, at least in the mornings ... nearing lunch we're huffing and puffing 'il fait chaud!' 'erhhh...j'ai chaud' as we work at half speed.

we caved the other day, we had to drive off to a town where JY has some of his gear stored at a friend's house. one hour each way. by the time we arrived the morning cool had dissipated and the sun was blazing. we loaded huge timbers on top of the truck, and a load of goodies inside (cool old iron stove/heater for the atelier, to name one). then we drove the hour back to Brantôme and unloaded. by this time we were glistening. We decided to rendez-vous at a nearby swimming hole (he rounded up his son) and we played hooky for the afternoon. It was too sweltering to consider anything else.

In spite of the heat, we've managed to get close to done. There's the wood floor to install in the entry area, final electricity and lighting touches ... and arranging of the wares. But we think maybe the end of the week? we'll still have lots of details to get in place (signs, etc.) but ... Wow! we've come a long way baby.

Today we may work in the afternoon and then I'm thinking of going to a night market in Nontron with an African theme. It is the 10th year ... and it sounds like it will be cool. Night markets are like day markets only darker ... HA, well also more elaborate because there is music and sometimes a theme! but also food and stuff to buy.

Tomorrow probably vide-grenier hunting. Last Sunday I went to a great one in Perigueux and found some cool stuff for displaying product in the shop. Two old suitcases ... well one is more like a trunk with wooden hangers, etc. and an old iron hanging scale. and loads more. so who knows what tomorrow will hold!

the garden is leaps and bounds, tomatoes are this close to begin ripening and first wave of radishes and green beans have passed. Now I've sown more radishes, plus spinach and mesclun and turnips. And flowers are doing better too! Especially now that I've eliminated the rash of pokeweed that had invaded my entire bedding areas! sinister, that!

life's generally not so bad. pas mal!


Randal Graves said...

Every time I come here, I always leave hungry. I love turnips!

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