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Saturday, July 11, 2009

saturday shenanigans...

got up early...rode down for a croissant to have with my coffee. Next I put the coat of grey paint on the ateliér floor and looked at my watch ... 9:40!

cleaned up the kitchen, showered and futzed around on the 'puter for a bit. Decided to head into Perigueux...went to the garden shop and picked up some "hormone de bouturage" ... basically it is souped up fertilizer for when you take starters for plants. I'm putting together a little foraging kit for my bike (a small spade, plastic bags, water and maybe the bouturage stuff). It is supposed to ensure your 'slips' will turn into plants. I'm scavenging stuff for my garden on bike rides, cos buying plants is $$ and I'm cheap!

I also got some citronella candles for the garden and seeds for planting. Riana keeps us posted on what's good to plant ... so next I'm going for fennel, chicory, chinese cabbage ... and I bought a packet of flower seeds that butterflies like!

From there I hit the trocante (thrift store) but nothing good and it had a funky odor today, so I beat feet quick.

Then I visited a new grocer that my friend Ruth told me about, it is called le Grand Frais. I was impressed by the freshness, quality, and price !!! they seem to specialize in produce and fresh meats, not a lot of canned stuff. They also had a fairly good international section so I got some stuff. But one thing I was really happy about, they had potted herbs, big ones ... 2 for 3 euros ... so I picked up thyme, rosemary, sage and basil. The only herb I've gotten to grow from seed is coriander (cilantro). So I'm going to give these a go.

Also stocked up on dried beans, some herbs and spices.

Then I bought a dozen jelly jars and some paraffin. My neighbor brought me a big bowl of plums, their plum tree fell over and they couldn't eat all of the fruit. So I'm going to make some preserves.

It was a fairly warm day today and I've discovered there is music at one of the brasseries in town tonight. I may mosey down in a bit for a glass of wine...

Or I may just mosey out to my own garden...kind of lazy after the heat and all that running around.

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