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Friday, July 10, 2009

this close!

Well I think we are moving in to our final week before opening! This week the floors were (nearly) finished. All installation is complete, today the sealant was applied to the cement floor and the wood floor received its first coat of paint. Tomorrow I will apply the other colors ... Next week will be devoted to finishing touches and arranging our items for sale. We would be delighted if we opened on Friday.

What a transformation has occurred in four months with just the two of us as workers. Sandblasted walls, repaired windows, new floors, new electricity, new plumbing, insulation, new ceiling, paint, artwork, custom artisanal touches abound ... the property has provided us with countless materials we have salvaged, repurposed and reused.

If the boutique is fun and successful, we will just move it to the stone garage and move forward with the café as well. Two businesses!

I'm very proud of us, our strong partnership ... our great complicity ... how sympatico we are.

Oh, yeah ... these are our signs thus far. My fantastic cousin Nate provided the artwork and I translated it into a handpainted sign ... whatcha think?

(check out the flickr link for more photos of the transformed ateliér) ...


Utah Savage said...

Wow! I'm amazed and impressed. And what's more I so wish I were you, living your life.

The signs are lovely and look very old. Sadly I have no idea what the mean, but that doesn't matter. I'd still open the door to come in and buy something.

Non Je Ne Regrette Rien said...

Utah, well thanks my lovely! Salle de vente is basically 'sales room' and The Bohemians ... well, that's our name and it is us ... to us it means 2 free spirits, gipsy travellers ... independent of thought and ideas ... wish you could come visit with us xx

Randal Graves said...

Someday I'll get over there for a cup.

nate beaty said...

looks fantastic kim, congrats! really like the colors and treatment on the signs.