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Friday, September 4, 2009

paris and my failed power cord ... don't blame me!

so I've been off the grid for nearly 2 weeks! first I went to Paris for some business (sans laptop) and some pleasure. One day after my return, my power cord conked out.

now one thing about having a Macintosh computer is that it isn't like there's an Apple store on every corner. Or in every city. Or even state for that matter (in the U.S.). So imagine dealing with the consequences of a failed Macintosh power cord in a small village in rural Dordogne!

I grasped about for options...I knew they sold Macs in Perigueux at the Auchan so I headed there toute de suite, thinking problem solved.


Yes they sell Macs but not peripheral accessories. So I could buy a new laptop and get my cord ... ha! He directed us to the service department, thinking maybe they could help. no again.

returned and borrowed a friend's computer. the closest apple store is in Bordeaux, about 2 hours from me. Looked at the apple.fr site. 8-10 days delivery.

racking brain frantically.

my cousin was coming to meet me on Thursday. 3 days plus without power isn't as bad as 8-10 days. My cousin is a Mac user, I thought he would feel my pain and could go buy the cord for me and bring it with him.

well, better yet, he had an extra cord. he brought it. it works. I'm here.

I'll regale you with random Parisian observations next. just you wait and see.


Randal Graves said...

This is what happens when you fail to properly sacrifice at the Altar of Gates. You were warned.

Juli Ryan said...

Stupid power packs. When my PC (!) power pack died a few years ago, I couldn't find a new one anywhere in NZ. I finally found a used power pack on TradeMe (the NZ eBay).

La Framéricaine said...

Well, at the very least, you have planted the seed of resourcefulness in advance in my mind re: cords for emergencies. When I get back to the USA in Oct, I'll gather them together for the final move!

Glad to here you're cookin' with gas again!