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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

rock hard week-end.

I had a great week-end. Sure, the weather was still shit ... maybe a few steps up, but not great... however, I managed to get my rock on.

There was music on offer all week-end. I punked out on Friday but Saturday ... different story. Had my class in the morning (surprisingly better ... more on that later) ...

Saturday night my friends Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby were playing in Chalus (about 45-50 km northeast from me) at the Lawrence d'Arabie restaurant and bar. They have played there regularly for a few years now. Sadly, the owners sold out and it will soon be just another English pub (we're littered with them round here). Sans music. So, it was their last night performing there.

Some of you might remember during my first year here, I was having one of my lonely, what's it all about Alfie periods and Amy, a fellow blogger as well, reached out and invited me to hear them perform in the same spot. It was such a treat to learn there was a fellow 'merican (well...we KIND of own up to that - ha) not too far off. Eric is a brit, but I forgive him.... *ducks,lol*

Well I'm here to report that although I have always enjoyed them, Saturday's show reflected how even more (in my unsophisticated opinion) in tune with they are with each other as performers. Maybe in tune isn't the best phrase for it, as musicians they were always in tune. But they were cohesive, relaxed and obviously having fun. Not sure how to put my finger on it ... because before they weren't disjointed, uptight and miserable. But there was a certain degree of sympatico in their playing and harmony that was a treat to observe. Does it come from lots more time playing together? I don't know, I'm not a musician and have no clue...would be for them to verify. But I recognized a certain something. I stayed for both sets and was sorry to leave immediately after (12:30 or so)...given my drive home. I got to hear their new music (bobblehead dolls) and a song Amy wrote about meeting Eric ... amongst all the other goodness. I would have loved to hang around a bit for the last hurrah. Eric and Amy are headed back out on tour in March, I'll be posting their stateside dates here as they are announced...or stay tuned here to follow for yourself.

By the way, if you haven't listened in already, do check out Wreckless Eric's radio show. How many chances to you get to be hosted by a british rock legend, anyway?

As if that wasn't enough ... Sunday I had plans to go to an "apero concert" in Perigueux at Les Toqués. That's a polite way of letting you know it will start and end early! I was having some misgivings after I checked the site and discovered it wasn't the usual blues on offer ... but was described as garage punk. Now, those who know me know I lean towards the more soulful variety of music ... but I had plans to meet Paul and Janice so decided to soldier on ... and I'm ever so happy I did! It was a BLAST!

1st off, on arriving it was a decidedly different affair...instead of the usual laid back version of blues listeners ... it was wall to wall leather, hair gel, tats and piercing! (well except for a few of us...). The age group ran the spectrum, but the attire was consistent across generations. Thank god I was at least all in black. The group wasn't up yet ... but I spotted Paul and Janice quick enough ... and then to my surprise I also saw some faces from the previous evening. Not so surprising, I guess, since rock isn't exactly wall to wall in the countryside so I imagine fans are willing to make the hike. But Eric and Amy's friend Emmanuel was there with a (or his?) ladyfriend.

The band began to assemble and I swear to you, it appeared only one of them was old enough to have a beer!!! beard free, but with the prerequisite tousled spiked and assymetrically fashioned hair, pointy leather shoes and skin tight jeans. Thee Vicars they were and they were SURPRISINGLY good...and got better with each song. I expected I don't know what, maybe something less rhythmic and more metallic. But they just broke it on down, driving each chord with enjoyment ... and the lead singer had a signature screech (yyyeeeowwwlll) sprinkled generously through each song, accenting his high pitched singing. But they were great. They were rambling about their french tour in a big van, headed on to Spain and then ... *GASP* ... the States! I chatted with the lead singer a bit ... after hearing the news they were going to California ... in looking in on their schedule, they start at LA and work their way east for a spell ... use the link above to check out their schedule, listen to some tunes, etc. Worth a look! they were adorable, each and every one ... the drummer was amazing too.


Paulita said...

Kudos that you weren't intimidated by the punk-iness and found you enjoyed the music. It sounds like a weekend of good music and good friends. From someone who spent the weekend at swim meets and basketball games, sounds like heaven.

amy said...

What a nice review Kim, thanks. I think our fall touring really made things gel in a new way, so I'm glad it shows.It was swell of you to come. And then the next night in Perigueux - very rock!

Rosie said...

ooo i'd love to see eric n amy...pity I'm so far away

Randal Graves said...

Could you turn it down please?