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Friday, February 12, 2010

up to my neck in alligators, I mean potential projects!

okay, I've just about reached the *no excuses* stage...I've assmbled materials for innumerable projects and now have to buckle down ...

I'm still in the middle of my chair project, and now bought the fabric (a grey/taupe linen, basic) that will complement the turquoise/teal I'll be painting the legs and arms.

I've purchased bits and bobs for making brooches, just need a few jewelry type items via Etsy and can get going on that.

I've purchased fabric and ordered patterns for a few things I wish to try my hand at, sewing wise (pillows, totes and maybe some drawstring lounge pants) ... if they are decent, I'll be selling them.

I've still got a bathroom project and the rest of my stairwell project.

We're still a potential *go* on a scaled down version of the café and work will commence on that shortly.

The garden continues to softly call and woo me, each day of sunshine I feel the pull.

I have several furniture pieces awaiting *relooking* and a few bids out for custom projects.

all this awaits but what I really want to do is go to the beach.


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