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Sunday, March 23, 2008

inspired by a sparrow.

The first time I heard Edith Piaf sing, I had never been to France. I had studied french in high school ... and had some romantic vague impression of it. I was at a friend's for dinner and I heard what I can only describe as the sound of warbling to my untrained ear. I had to stop and ponder for a moment before I realized the songstress was singing in French. The song was "La Vie en Rose" ... and I was instantly enchanted. I felt I had been transported to another time and a faraway place.
I wanted to know more about the woman behind the voice. Her songs conveyed longing, courage, pride, hope, playfullness. The more I learned about her trials and tribulations, her steely resolve, the more impressed I became. She overcame tremendous odds in life and inspired the love of her country's citizens.
What a treat it was when "La Môme" was distributed in the theaters. Marion Cotillard embodied the spirit of Edith Piaf and well deserved the Oscar and other awards she was bestowed.

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