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Monday, March 24, 2008

Louis and Bruno and Travel, Oh My!

Meet my expensive boy toys, Louis (all in white) and Bruno. Louis is coming up on 8 years old, Bruno is two. They are my companions, entertainment, and devoted worshippers!

So, of course, off to France they will go. If you are interested in travelling with your pets, stay tuned with me as I ferret out all of the mindnumbing details ... of which there are many. I'll be presenting what I learn which will basically focus on France and the UK.

The first thing I am asked is "Will you have to quarantine them?" and the answer is no. I have learned that THEY may get their first tattoo before I do! or a microchip inserted somewhere in their bodies (which under our current administration may be right around the corner for me as well ...). Also, France is comprised of endless geographical boundaries all of which have their own sets of rules and regulations. So it isn't just as simple as "I'm travelling to France, what do I do?" but "I am travelling to Brantôme, France, in the Southwest, the Perigord Vert in the north of the Dordogne ... you know, the Aquitaine region." And then complete the associated paperwork in quadruplicate and mail it off, expectantly. and patiently.

Given this, my first idea was to hire a pet relocator. Yes, they absolutely have such things! I had to get referred to the one I inquired with (no riff-raff wanted I suppose) and then humbly submitted my inquiry for the cost of 2 healthy pooches, one 13 pounds and one 6. I received an ever-so-courteous response, assuring me they would happily escort my 2 fellas for the princely sum of $3,300. Gasp! Why I could secure 2 berths in the first class section with me for that amount. Not that I don't love me some Louis and Bruno. But I think not.

So, instead I will be forced to regale you with stories of the adventurous journey of Louis and Bruno, one as carry-on and one as checked baggage. This should be fun...

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Diane said...

Fun fun fun. All the airlines I checked to get Butters over here required you use a pet handler but the cost was less if I did most of the other legwork myself..still was going to end up being about $1,200 to ship her. She tells me she is enjoying living in Texas, it's warmer there ;-)