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Monday, December 8, 2008

updates from the road

well, it has been a busy few days. I've managed to pack in all of the following:

1. Huevos rancheros at a local mexican restaurant! yum!
2. Art show at Portland's First Thursday
3. Dinner at Paley's in Portland (delish, and I was informed it was voted one of top 25 restaurants in the U.S. so go me!)
4. Vintage thrift shopping with Kathleen, lunch and a mad shopping spree in search of turtleneck sweaters...
5. Checked out "A Christmas Tale" with Catherine Deneuve. One word - deep! American tales of dysfunctional family holidays got nuthin' on this!
6. Escorted to the beach by good friend Tom to retrieve my car and check on my place. it is still as cute and quaint as ever...decisions, decisions...
7. A wonderful brunch with lots of ex-colleagues, also hosted by good friend Tom (on Sunday)
8. Hit up Sephora to buy a couple of unlocatable-in-France items...
9. Cooked dinner for five last night ... duck!

and today I am driving to California ...

I still miss Brantôme ... thankfully I've received texts from JY and dogsitter that confirm the boys are hanging in there, so that's a relief.

counting the days till I go home... will post more soon! got some 'expat returns to land of origin' cultural observations brewing in the noggin'!


La Framéricaine said...

Hey there, NJNRR!

So happy to hear from you from your road trip down the Left Coast.

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. I hope that you have a great visit with your children and Oakland. And glad to hear that your darlings--all of them--are doing well for your brief trip to the States!

I can't wait to hear your "expat returns to land of origin" reflections in the near future.

Happy Trails!

amy said...

Wow, you're packing a lot in! Sounds like a great trip so far.

It's been cold but beautiful sunshine here. Gorgeous. But we can't get no huevos rancheros...

enjoy the drive and seeing your family, and CA.

Michelle said...

I love that "can't wait to return home" vibe.

Randal Graves said...

How do you expect us to comment after tossing 'Catherine Deneuve' and 'deep' in the same sentence?

Oops, this is a family blog, sorry. Just make sure you post a whole lot once you return to Frogland.

JouJou Loves You said...

I adore your blog!!!

Non, Je ne regrette rien said...

laF-you are so unflaggingly encouraging! merci!

amy-I'll cook you huevos rancheros when I return. I promise!

randall-tsk tsk... ;P

joujou-welcome! thanks and I look forward to reading more of you and your blog~