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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

while I'm in the states checklist ...

lolling about this morning, I had this stellar notion to compile a list of stateside wants and to do's. time will tell if this was a blogworthy enterprise.

Here they are in no particular order.

1. Eat some Tamarindo mexican ... preferably a few times including brunch and sangria.

2. Eat some Cactus mexican ... preferably including breakfast and mexican coffee.

3. Eat a few breakfasts that include eggs and bacon and homefries and strong coffee.

4. Visit my Orygun peeps.

5. Walk on the sands of the beach in Seaside, Orygun ...

6. Hug and kiss my offspring.

7. Visit my Oaktown (and surrounds) peeps.

8. Have a night on the town with some of my peeps...maybe include a few shakes of my moneymaker.

9. Pick up stateside shopping list items for me and France-living friends .... (requests accepted).

10. Fill the empty suitcase I am bringing with agonized-over items now in storage...

(takes stock of list ... hmmm... a little heavy on the eating quotient...note to self, revise list)

Any suggestions from my studio audience?


Mrs C said...

Oh My Gods. I thought you were there already. Sorry about that line in my email that shows an obvious lack of attention (though it was meant to show that I have been paying attention).

Je suis grillée (Caught out). Oops.

And OMG: Bacon. Yums.

Non, Je ne regrette rien said...

mrs c-meh, no worries there! and is the bacon thing an accolade or a request?! (je suis grillée, makes note)

Anonymous said...

Sangria. Coffee. Bacon. Eggs. Mmmmm...drooling...

La Framéricaine said...

SVP, for me, Dennis Leary, and Beth--NyQuil--with the big effin' Q in the middle! The greatest invention since the sliced baguette!

Oh, I forgot, I'm here already, and at this rate, I may never leave. Halfway To France, my ass! I despair of ever actually catching up with my stuff, which makes a great case for how irrelevant stuff is.

I hope that you have a really lovely visit with your friends and family in Oregon and the Bay Area. It will be a lovely homecoming, no doubt. You will be happy to see the sky, smell the air, see the people, and eat the local delicacies. However, I have a suspicion that you will also be just as glad to get back to your little baraque á Brantôme winter or no winter!

Bon voyage, Ma Chère!

Randal Graves said...

Hey, if you wanna be picking cactus needles out of your mouth, go right ahead.

Enjoy your trip and since you'll be in Murka, don't forget to eat something greasy and salty while watching teevee.

Our Juicy Life said...

Here are a couple of suggestoins.
1. dry your towels in a dryer
2. find some good jalapeno peppers
3. relax and i say go for the food...because as you know you can't get good mexican here (unless you cook it).
4. maybe have some pizza
5. blog all about it.

Utah Savage said...

Great list. All food at the top. Then later kiss the kids. You do indeed have your priorities right, and I am no teasing.

I so craved Mexican food after my year in Italy. Now I crave good Italian food.

Thai FrogBlogger said...

Time was, when leaving my adopted homeland, top of my checklist was 'get back to Thailand quick....' Not so sure any more with all the current chaos in this part of the world :-(

I think even a French winter is preferable at the moment. Back there Dec 18th.

Have a good trip home ...

Betty C. said...

"Run up" (in the car of course) to Safeway at midnight to pick up something you're craving?

Anonymous said...

Uh, you must see me too! Duh