(the misadventures of an expatriate corporate dropout)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

the eagle has landed. or the rhino has returned. or ... ?

yes folks, the weary wanderer has set foot in Brantôme, tired ... sunkissed ... happy to be home.  

we returned a few days early due to the escalating civil unrest in Madagascar and my travelling companion's severe longing to be reunited with his "petit garcon".

I'm not quite ready to form stories (maybe later today or tomorrow) ... but I have several.  I plan to spend some time catching up with all of you and your blogs and return to my own updates soon.  

I see some of my more fickle-hearted-fans disconnected from my followers' subscription.  I suppose I'll have to invest some extra effort towards consistency and bedazzlement.  

just as soon as this tourista syndrome dissipates.  I promise.


Rigsby said...

The lioness burped and surveyed the plain. The two legs had not been much of a meal, barely a snack. When would she see the return of the generous American portions of the good old days?

amy said...

Can't wait to hear all about your travels! I hope I'll see you soon (I'm on my way home, and maybe the opposite of sunkissed?)

Mrs C said...

If you lost followers, keep heart. Blogger did a mysterious revamp and a lot of bloggers lost followers. I lost 1 myself...

Can hardly wait for the Out of Africa stories.

Randal Graves said...

Could always bedazzle with shots of sunkissed frolic at the beach.

Glad to hear that you weren't claimed by the unrest. Next time, maybe you should travel somewhere safe, like Iraq or Afghanistan or Texas.

Two Wheels Good Tours said...

I'll never leave ya! Take your time, get settled and then fill us all in. We missed you!

Michelle said...

Yeah well, I was gunna dump you too. How bloody dare you go off and have a holiday! ;-)

Can't wait for your travel tales.

Glad you made a smart choice and came home.

Gpops said...

Glad yr home safe and sound.. just flying back to pdx tonight from maine where we visited my dad for a few days.looking forward to hearing from you..let's connect this week via e-mail or phone. xoxox k.

Non Je Ne Regrette Rien said...

rigsby - rrrroooowwwwrrrr!

amy - call me when you are ready for a lunch or somethin'!

mrs c - of course you must know I take EVERYTHING personally! lol.

rg- texas scares me.

2wheels - you guys are SO entrepreneurial!

michelle-thanks for hanging in there!

gpops-the stories I could tell ... and shall!