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Thursday, June 10, 2010

feeling a little holier than thou ... or not ...

well my lovelies, I had the chance to go to Africa this week and continue my bohemian adventures, hobo-vagabond style ... but instead I let my practical side prevail for once and opted to stay behind and ... sniff, sniff ... work a little!

see, there is never a time that travelling does not appeal, especially when it is with a kindred spirit. but I've already neglected our little boutique somethin' awful ... so it is time to buckle down, get things going and work on my list. my very long list.

which includes not only The Bohemians ... but an assortment of DIY projects chez moi.

Not to mention the fact that I had a little burst of inspiration after a couple came by last week and purchased 4 (yes that is FOUR) pieces of furniture at once! not only was it exciting but now we look a little bare so I've got to get busy and get some new stuff out on the floor ...

and that certainly couldn't happen from the back of a motorcycle in Africa....

le sigh!


The Pliers said...


That took discipline and determination to accomplish as much as possible this summer/autumn while the weather and the tourists are all in synch.


I too gave up a Spanish dream for this July. Gawd willing and the creek don't rise, I'll get to it next summer.


Rebekah & Alex said...

If you can't stand the discipline any longer maybe a quick jaunt down as a surprise? ;)