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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Trip Highlight - Great Blues in Portland at Jimmy Mak's

who doesn't like to check out music when they're touring the United States? especially Portland Oregon, home of some terrific blues and alternative music?

Well, I spent a lovely evening at Jimmy Mak's in Portland. When I lived there, Jimmy's was in a dive-bar setting caddy-corner to their new location ... well folks, they've moved and their new venue is top notch. Large dining room with stage right there ... Dinner shows are the specialty and it is a fun way to spend an evening in Portland...Jimmy's gets some of the best jazz and blues headliners found in Portland.

Friends treated us to a lowdown blues extravaganza ... Bonefest All Star Band ... featuring the 'funk' of James Brown, Mr. Fred Wesley (trombonist and composer for James Brown, lead trombone player for Ike and Tina Turner).

The evening was a funky, soulful delight ... we arrived early and had cocktails and dinner. The menu there is actually not bad ... although I do believe the best plate ordered was their burger and fries! We had good wine as well ... to move us on into the rest of the night.

There was a great deal of showmanship on display, some band members entering from the back with their 'bones and adding some dance moves. The songstress for the night, Jada Amy, was a hot growling mama of a singer ... suggestive and whisky voiced.

It was an amazing evening, my french companion noted the acoustics and overall show as one of the best he's enjoyed. He even scored a poster off the wall for me as a souvenir. If you decide to go, I imagine your event will have such things available to buy, as oppose to 'nick'! lol and cd's too!

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Delana said...

Sounds like you had a ball. Love the blues. And "nicked" posters are always way better than purchased ones. It is just so.