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Friday, June 25, 2010


my blog was reviewed by A Taste Of Garlic this week and it was a charming, well-written piece that made me smile! By the end, I was nodding my head in agreement ... I think I just might be experiencing a touch of teenage rebellion ... post teen years, of course!

But I'd like to acknowledge the kindness and thank Keith Eckstein for taking the time to peruse my blatherings in detail and further share them with the world.

I confess, it was somewhat inspirational to reread some of my posts ... from the viewpoint of blogging, which I've slacked off on and yet has provided me much pleasure in the past.

The antics and recent drama with my blog, I confess, put me off some of my writing. But perhaps the pause was for a cause and, with adjustment, I can get back to rendering you all spellbound with my tales.

heh heh!


Keith Eckstein said...

But, Kim-bear-lay, it was a pleasure for me - I wouldn't do it, otherwise.

And how are the slimy 8 legged creatures creeping about just below your skin?

Any better? I've heard that a glass (or three) of strong wine can work wonders!

Go on - it's the weekend!

All the best


Delana said...

It was lovely and sent me back to your old posts as well. Congratulations! And geez Keith....what took you so long!

Keith Eckstein said...

Only got two pairs of hands, Delana, and one of those is busy trying to get you sorted ("nudge, nudge, wink, wink - know what I mean"!)