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Sunday, June 27, 2010

je suis plat.

I got up this morning with the intention of making a tour of the area on my bicycle...an hour or so, before the heat really set in. It is, after all, Sunday ... a day meant for repose!

My neighbor Nicole decided to join me. I should have taken the broken valve on my tire as a sign, but decided to use her daughter's bike ... and off we went.

I had planned a not-too-stressful ride out to Bourdeilles ... the road runs along the river, it is scenic and a respectable 12km one way... it is fairly flat but with a few hills here and there to mount, use the low gears and feel accomplished when done.

Nicole is way more 'sportif' than I and, against my better judgement, I agreed to the 'petit tour de St. Julien de Bourdeilles' with a stop in at a friend's before our return.

3 hours later, on roads littered with higher and higher ascents ... I was back at home. Sunburned. Dehydrated. and very, very cranky.

I suppose I should be congratulating myself I made it. But I'm afraid I was 'un peu desagreeable' upon our return, and turned down the offer of a cold beer at a mutual friend's house.

After a cold shower and a power nap, I'm feeling a bit more myself. but jeez, how do I get myself into these pickles?!


Kathleen said...

Ahhh, yes.This sounds very familiar.. no real exercise for many weeks and then 3 hours of an intense bike ride. I find myself doing the same.. nothing strenuous for months and then I decide to hike full speed up the mountain. Something about our inability to pace ourselves, or not to say no to others who are much more accustomed to le sportif active!! There's also some of that, "I won't be defeated by this and WE CAN DO IT, going on as well. All, in all, it makes for sore muscles and a very sore sit upon, if you've done it all on a bike! I much prefer good food and conversation.....

Darling said...

Congratulations !!! I think I wouldn't have been able to do so... too lazy for that and I honestly prefer good food and wine...