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Thursday, December 23, 2010

continuing adventures of Louis & Bruno, savvy travelling dogs of the world!

I took the train today to spend Christmas in the north. I was on the 6am TGV to Paris from Angouleme ... which meant heading out before 5am.

I decided to bring Louis and Bruno. This information might also be helpful to those of you coming to or living in France. I did a bit of googling around before I left and gleaned that there are 2 options for taking your dogs on a French train. If they go in a basket or carrier of some sort ... it can be 10 euros. Google didn't tell me if this was per dog or per carrier. If they are on a lead it is supposed to be half the ticket fare.

I got out Bruno's carrier (smaller of the 2 I have) which got him from Oregon to Paris on the plane. Cleaned it out, put a doggy bed inside and, when we got to the station, had them both get in the one carrier.

My trusted monsieur, JY, took me there and helped me haul my valise and the dog carrier and a big purse up and down the stairs to the platform, the dear. The billeterie was not yet open, so I retrieved my ticket from the machine and figured I'd deal with doggy tickets on board. Got us all loaded and thankfully, no one had the seat next to me so I set the carrier on that. As usual, the conducteur began his tour shortly after we got started. He gave me his friendly conducteur smile, stamped my ticket and moved on. Didn't even comment on the dogs let alone charge a fee!

when we arrived at Montparnasse, we were met on the platform so I had all the help needed for my exit!

It went smooth as silk, of course the train was not completely full so I suppose that could have made a difference. but from what I have read, if you are prepared to pay, you will have no problem.

we are now happily ensconced in the north and there is loads of snow so I'm glad I decided to forego driving. The boys had a nice long walk in the snow and are now passed out ... dreaming of their next adventure!

They were content to rest in their carrier the entire journey (about 3 hours)


Keith Eckstein said...


Dare I ask what part of northern France you intend ending up in?

Any chance of you visiting the posh bit - in South Western Brittany?

All the best


Non Je Ne Regrette Rien said...

well sadly I am in the low rent champagne district this time around ... or I'd look you up for a pint! have a wonderful holiday xx Kimberlee

The Pliers said...

Your are Frencher than the French taking not one, but two little doggies on a cross country train ride! I can just see the three of you there on the train together. Priceless!