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Friday, December 24, 2010

the myth of the FICO

the FICO score is really an "I Love Debt Score" ... only way to keep a high one is to go in debt and stay there a long time!

haha, thanks Dave Ramsey ... I love that quote and am so glad to be freed from caring...

the lower your debt, the lower your score!

the perfect storm with FICO is long term debt, perfectly repaid .... but never ended.

all of you 'mericans striving for the perfect FICO have drunk the kool-aid (just as I once did....)


amy said...

I used to find Dave Ramsey a pain, probably because it hurt to hear the truth. Now I embrace his wisdom!

hope you have a lovely Christmas.

The Pliers said...

Amen to that! If you get to Paris, do make a concerted effort to see "Inside Job," a tour-de-force of truth-telling.

Merry Christmas, Kim!