(the misadventures of an expatriate corporate dropout)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

un jour typique ...

I often ask myself where my time goes, why even though I no longer have the corporate career, I never seem to have enough time. I was reflecting on this today, Saturday, where my day so far has been ...

rise at not the earliest hour (around 8:30)*
check email
get dressed for snow
take Bruno for a tour down into the village, lightly snowing
buy my pain au chocolat at the boulangerie
buy my local paper at the presse
stop in at the bar/tabac for a pack of cigs and a coffee, with bruno
bundle back up and continue my tour
check out the progress on the new restaurant and the renovation of another
muse on my way home re the fact Brantôme commercants are guarding their optimism, yay!
arrive home at 10:30
empty washing machine, start a new load and hang the clean laundry on the drying rack
go outside and gather kindling
stack kindling and wood near back door in preparation for incoming snows
measure fuel in boiler tank, call to order heating fuel delivery
head into boutique and start a fire in the wood/coal burner
remerchandise shop, moving all furniture and create new displays
sweep shop
dust shop
open shop, creating outdoor displays, light all the lights and candles, start music
sweep shop outdoor entry
heat vin chaud
place an update on the boutique's facebook page
go inside to prepare my lunch and return to shop to eat, browse the new elle decor
write this blog. it is 12:30!!

after lunch I will be sanding furniture and awaiting (hopefully) a few visitors.

I still have a half-finished stack of administrative paperwork and christmas cards to finish and get in the mail

I have a list longer than both arms of boutique development tasks that seem to languish ... I am slowly chipping away at them but it can be frustrating as daily life, however enjoyable is always intruding.

yes I could forego my daily walk but sheesh !!! no way ... I'm here for a new life not the old one where the balance is ignored in favor of fitting it all in. this is what I remind myself ... the pace is what it needs to be, I am where I need to be, it will all be there tomorrow, and most importantly ... it will all get done, get done well, and in its own due time!


The Pliers said...

And some things will not get done...

And some day all things done no more...

And it's OK.

Happy Holidays from up the road!

Elizabeth said...

My favorite quote from a mid-50s friend who retired from a corporate career early... "I just don't know how I fit that job into my day". Words to live by. Thank you for the posting.

Non Je Ne Regrette Rien said...

pamela, thanks for the wisdom (as usual) and bonne fete !!

elizabeth, i love that quote and shared it with a fellow expatriatess corporate dropout! we had a giggle ... thanks for sharing!