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Saturday, May 3, 2008

feeling a bit silly.

I have organized most of the things I want to have shipped abroad. I'm struggling with clothing! I'm going from the need for a daily corporate wardrobe to ... well to ... hmmmmm.

Of course I know grunge clothes for the work I will be doing in my house. And yes, I've travelled and travelled there. In my 'merican wanting to be French style. *sigh*.

I have a closet full of the most glorious shoes and bags. Corporate duds. and jeans/tees. But I need to wrap my head around smart outfits for the village. and side trips. lots of side trips. and shoes that are snazzy but won't render me hobbled in an hour.

Okay, I'm collecting at LEAST a handful of smart, attractive women readers. If you had to design the perfect three to five outfits, what would they be? (more is okay ... smile). My preferred style is kind of bohemian chic meets Sara Jessica.

I'm experiencing a fashion block. heeeeelllllllllpppppppp me. (calls for a life ring from the internet sea).


alisa in Los Angeles said...

ah...that's a tough one, because even though you tell me you are bohemian chic vs sarah jessica, it's still hard. I'm going through the same thing. i come from LA where I live in flip flips most of the year and moving to an area that gets seasons.

I think you need fall/winter & spring/summer outfits. The dordogne gets more seasons that where I'm moving, so you can't just bring stuff for the summer and think that you'll be ok in January.

Fall/winter - I'd say, nice pair of boots (doesn't have to be pointy toed/high heels like in Paris, but nice boots that are good with jeans, wool pants and skirts. A great pair of jeans, a nice pair of wool pants (grey maybe or black), a nice wool skirt. OK for the top - a nice turtleneck (neutral color), a nice warm wool/cashmere below knee jacket, a nice crew neck pullover sweater and collared shirt to go under (you could also do a v-neck if you'd rather), couple nice long sleeve shirts.

For spring/summer - nice skirt (good color that goes with many things), I'd stay away from a pattern and go with a solid. Cardigan, linen pants, casual skort or short or skirt, couple t's (can't go wrong with t's), or tanks for the warm summers and a couple nice shirts and a nice short sleeve or sleeveless dress and maybe a shall for the evenings or museums.

This is hard... I just think you want things that mix and match, that way you can pair a pant with a shirt and the same shirt goes with a shirt and the same shirt goes with a short...etc...

Funny, when I quit my corporate sales job 12 years ago, I had all these very expensive suits and I was in the same position as you - many many really nice suits and then super casual clothes, nothing in between. Now I wear very casual clothes, mostly with paint on them but i now have nicer clothes instead of suits..although this time around I wear more casual than nice. I like this way better!

How exicting that you get to do this....get to choose what to bring to your new life. I'm sure whatever you choose you'll be lovely either at the thursday market in Riberac or at brunch in Perigeaux (not sure if I spelled that correctly).

Je ne regrette rien said...

fun, fun! thanks for all of the ideas. I forgot to mention I have a load of beautiful scarves as well ... I always feel more Frenchified with a great scarf.

I want to take less, and pick up some pieces there. I like your shoe ideas too, yes, a good boot is necessary.

I'm going to re-read your comments and ponder. I have to pack any clothes I want to ship by next Thursday! (shock!) and I'm hoping to go light on baggage since I'll have 2 dogs to maneuver with as well.

Ah, sweet anticipation!