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Saturday, May 10, 2008

happy birthday to her. happy mother's day to me.

Today is my daughter Johnelle's 28th birthday! and 28 years ago the timing was the same. I gave birth to her on a Saturday and Sunday was Mother's Day. Quite the mom's day gift, eh?

So ... today I extol the virtues of my beautiful daughter, Johnelle. She is a talented artist and businesswoman, with a B.A. degree in Fine Art from San Francisco State University. We are partners in our décor shop, Mignonne, and Johnelle is the glue that holds that enterprise together. She is also co-owner of Drift Denim, a partnership with her fiancé, Alfonso. She is a kind and generous sister, daughter, cousin, and granddaughter. She successfully juggles many responsibilities, relationships and goals with humor and panache. Did I mention she speaks three languages fluently (english, french, spanish) and enough italian to get by in a pinch?

Yeah. proud mom here.

I mentioned this on my son's birthday post ... I have much to be thankful for and when anyone asks me what I am most proud of, I let them know my greatest accomplishment is my two wonderful offspring. Truly my legacy.

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La Framéricaine said...

Bonjour, Kimberlee, and a very happy day of remembrance of the birth of your lovely, talented Johnelle. What a wonderful Mother's Day gift both then and now! This is a very special weekend for you and I hope you all celebrate it in style.

I will have a special Mother's Day post for you tomorrow so stop by and visit me when you have a few quiet moments.