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Monday, August 25, 2008

bête de jour jones.

sung to the tune of basketball jones.

bête de jour jones, I've got a bête de jour jones,
bête de jour jones, oh baby whoo-ooh-ooh.

Yes, I am a victim of the bête de jour jones.
Ever since I was a baby blogger, bête de jour been bloggin'.
In fact, he was da baddest engly blogger in da whole doggone blogosphere.
Den one day, google reader showed me bête de jour.
And I loved that bête de jour.
I read that bête de jour everywhere I went.
That bête de jour was like a blog du jour to me.

I even waited up for bête de jour's GMT ought zero posting every day.
Maybe that's why I couldn't sleep at night.
I need help, ladies and gentlemens.
I need someone to find bête de jour for me.
I need, I need to read about bags of elbows and rotten landlords and quixotic pussy lust and long-lost love.
Someone I can relate to.
Someone to nail the topic at its core, day after day, to expose the underbelly of life.
And not end up in the delete key void.
So fellow bloggers, help me out.

(Bloggers, sing repeatedly...)
(bête de jour jones, I've got a bête de jour jones)
(I've got a bête de jour jones, whoo-oo-oo)
Oh Bloggers, dat sound SO sweet!

While *No Regrets but Makes Silly Faces* (previously known as Tyrone Shoelaces) sings/speaks ((guess its called rap now, lmao)) ...

Let me repeat
Sing it out
C'mon all you BDJ Fans - you know you gots da good writin' blues
And yer name ain't Keef ... What about You???
It be bad wivvout our daily BDJ, you know its true.
Yeah man, sing it loud, sing it proud
I want all of Blogland to stand up and be counted
It feels SO good to re-eaad Bête de Jour ...

Inspired even when he's expired (read those old posts and try to make do, bloggers)
After I read bête de jour jones
I can make my fingers jump on top of the keyboard
Yeah, I can make my words take wings ...
I can devise links and double entendres with one hand tied behind my back!!!
Yeah, reading him's so good, you end up with more stories than the Daily Mail!!!
I type with my eyelashes and edit with my tears after reading some bête de jour blogs!
Yeah, watch this ... I just read some old bête de jour writing and now I'm gonna ESP my next 6 posts!!!
oh yeah, I KNOW ya feel me.
But Bloggers. those old posts only last SO LONG. So wontcha join with me and help me find BDJ?

(queue high pitched whines disguised as a chorus)
bête de jour jones, I've got a bête de jour jones,
bête de jour jones, oh baby whoo-ooh-ooh.

Takes her bow. exits stage left. with all the other bête de jour loving liberals.

BLOG WARNING: May not compute if you've never heard of Cheech & Chong. May make more sense if read when stoned. Singing along repeatedly may provide a contact high.

SECONDARY BLOG ADVISORY: Listening to the Cheech & Chong version of Basketball Jones on YouTube below while simultaneously reading Bête de Jour Jones' lyrics will increase and prolong your total and wondrous pleasure in consuming this post.

TERTIARY BLOG UPDATE: Some folks are just plain warped. and kooky. And can remember the tales of Cheech & Chong heard on their momma's knee. While being American. and a baby girl. in the 60s. So the rest of you can just ... well, wait for the next post. Or go read you some back issues of the beast while we wait. Or watch Fat Albert on YouTube. Pick your pleasure. What can I tell ya? Most of this stuff is written for my own entertainment! it seemed like a good idea at the time. I've got to stop listening to those voices in my head.


Randal Graves said...

Dave's not here, man. Hey, you don't have anything leftover that can stone us, do you?

HEY HEY HEY! Obee kaybee!

Dude, the dude lost his laptop? Double and triple copies of everything in harddrives and floppies and jumpdrives, hard copies. I shudder at the thought of losing all that junk.

Non, Je ne regrette rien said...

RG: Bassitball Jones ... I mean Bête de Jour Jones!!!!

yeah, well that's crap, cry me a river...he needs to pick himself up by his scruffy Oxford collar and get to writin' - PRONTO!

La Belette Rouge said...

Um, were you partaking in Cheech and Chong's substance of choice when you created this? I hear it ups your creativity if used for medicinal purposes.

La Framéricaine said...

What I enjoy most about your blogging is your willingness to follow your creative impulses into new writing territory. It makes for a very interesting and energized blog.

If I understand correctly, one of your favorite bloggers has taken a break from writing and you want him to come back in a big way, n'est-ce pas?

Our Juicy Life said...

seshin' the boo my friend?

it's always better with da boo.

that song brought back so many memories...oh my.

So sorry you are missing your boy. Hopefully he's getting a computer or is fixing the one that got "rained" on. Because you sound like you really need your "fix"

Non, Je ne regrette rien said...

LBR~ no way. only because I don't know where to get the hook-up in my like thousand year old village. hmmm. maybe THAT'S what that little old man on the corner is doing.

LaF~ you gather with profundity. Wouldn't you know I'd pick the day that Amy Rigby gave me a little plug on her blog to draw outside the lines? There goes loads of potential readers...

OJL~ The guy makes me laugh till I cry. and sometimes just cry. *waves lighter. Bete de Jour Jooooneess, whoo-oo-oo!*

Randal Graves said...

But the ones who draw outside the lines are always more interesting. Unless you're selling something, hell with 'em. Yeah, I'm talking to you, internets!

Utah Savage said...

I'm not bdjj, but I'm here to thank you for being my friend. And to apologize for all the whining.

Non, Je ne regrette rien said...

RG-damn skippy.

U.S. - and you've STILL not told me if you are coming to DINNER...and bringing the cornbread!

La Bête said...

Gosh. No one's ever rewritten a song for me before. I'm touched. And you are a little bit mental.


Non, Je ne regrette rien said...

LB-what can I say. I'm gunning for your sidebar hall of fame. Funny you calling me mental, you of the anus and kitty porn fascination .... lmao!