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Friday, August 1, 2008

je regrette.

okay, I know I insist I have no regrets but I must offer petite regrets for the state of my writing due to lack of access. currently I am sat in a bar dashing off e-mails on a modicum of access. NOT on my laptop (to boot)...AND with a french keyboard...needless to say ... grrrrr!

I have updates written on my laptop etcetera etcetera ... so patience with this temporary setback is much appreciated...

I believe I will be back in business next week. batten down the hatches!!!!!!


Randal Graves said...

How screwy is a French keyboard?

Je ne regrette rien said...

rg- trés compliqué!

La Framéricaine said...

Malgré tes ennuies de microordinateur je te souhaite bonne chance avec ton integration à la vie à Brantôme!


amy said...

I'm enjoying catching up with your journey to Brantome. good luck with everything, from another Americaine in the SW (I'm on the Haute-Vienne/Dordogne border)

Je ne regrette rien said...


Amy-welcome and thanks, once my access is back up I look forward to reading and discovering more about your experiences§

Our Juicy Life said...

not sure what happend to my comment...i posted it yesterday it was there and now it's gone. booooo.

Glad to hear things are going well. Ah the heat....you'll be wishing for that heat in January my friend. But next summer if you don't have your pool installed you can come over to our place and take a dip in our pool.

Poor JY, I hope his arm gets better and of course he's taking the month of August off.

Congrats on the carte de sejour process, if you read all the other blogs they are in line for 5 hours, complaining, etc..maybe because you were/are in a smaller town? Not sure, but we'll be doing all our car registration and app for Carte in Albi which is pretty small, so hopefully it will go as smooth as yours

We'd be happy to watch the kids after when we arrive if you can't find one. We are about 3 hours from you, and on the way to Italy and Barcelona.

Yay, kitchen appliances...my favorite topic, anything to do with the kitchen. I just love going to kitchen supply shops, etc...did you get a nice cute tiny fridge?

Can't wait to heara more.