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Friday, August 22, 2008

democratic veep nominee watch.

I confess that for the next 7-10 days I WILL regret the lack of a television in order to get blow/blow coverage of the goings-on with the DNC.

Further, I want to say I am unimpressed with the top 3 names being bandied about (Biden, Kaine and Bayh, oh my).  Not that they aren't without their merits ... but from my perspective NONE of them represents the kind of refreshing change and derring-do needed, in fact LONGED FOR, in our political system.

They are more of the same, maybe with a little icing on top for pretty shiny distraction.  They have individual accomplishments, however, 2 of the 3 voted FOR the Iraq war.  Flies in the face of what distinguished Obama from Clinton, doesn't it.  And if he is okay with that ... then he should select Hillary.

I was really kind of enthused when I read Michael Moore's open letter to Caroline Kennedy encouraging her consideration for the role.

That kind of an announcement, that kind of choice, could blow this thing wide open.  But looks like the old standby, do the safe thing ... will apply.

Anyone else out there monitoring the situation? predictions? insights?

In any event, I am seeking to stay as connected as possible to the unfolding events via my internets.  they are my heroes, those internets!  my connection to a bigger world!

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La Framéricaine said...

It must be a curious experience to watch this from afar.

I don't even watch kids play catch--in order to avoid adrenaline surges--so it is uncomfortable for me to have this whole thing playing out like that TV show with drum roll music, Monte Machin, and the question "What's behind Door #3?"

Des Salopards!

Our Juicy Life said...

i agree withh you, I'm not to excited about the 3 possible vps. And like you said - 2 of them voted for the war - most did vote for the war - and if it's OK for him to bring on a OK for the war vp - why NOT going with Hillary. Just heard on the news the 50% of hillary supporters won't vote for obama unless she is the VP - that is a lot of supporters. Will they go to McCain, oh I hope not! Maybe he will pull a rabbit out of the hat and surprise us all with Hillary or Caroline...that would be great!

Stacey said...

I agree that "safe" is not what we want or need. But unfortunately, it is probably what we'll get... which means it's going to be a long, slow fight between O and McCain. Dammit.

Non, Je ne regrette rien said...

LaF-I've been checking email and CNN all day...grrr. but it is probably not going to be news I want to hear anyway.

OJL-would that it could be so!!!

Stacey! - HI! smile, yep with lots of blood and bruises.

Utah Savage said...

Biden! It's Biden. I''m up early for me and getting ready to watch the speechs. Biden will go after McCain like a pitbull kept on a too short leash. And no matter who McCain picks, Biden will demolish him in debates. It's a good thing. Maybe Hil can take Biden's place on the Foriegn Relations Committee.

One lovely touch was Obama's sending out his text messages at 3AM so everybody got a 3Am phone call from the Obama campaign.