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Friday, August 29, 2008


okay, well some of you might have thought I crapped out on blogging today and cut and pasted from a Stuart Smalley book.  

I just have to say that the past few days have been so inspiring to me, for nothing but simple reasons.  Whether driving along a 2 lane road with soft August sunlight shining on the sunflowers and a lone cyclist sharing the view with me.  Or acquiring a few new words, phrases and understanding of this complicated language I'm trying to learn.  Perhaps a few new friends met who are also trying to piece together a different existence. Sharing a laugh with Jean-Yves over yet another Kim misstep.  A stroll through the village worn by time.  Little instances adding up to the fulfillment of long deferred dreams.

I'm just feeling affirmed that life can go the direction of your dreams.  Whatever they are.  And the things I mentioned previously are just detours.  deviations.  distractions that might result in disappointment.

well.  that's all.  I'm the furthest thing from a new age gal.  I'm just feeling good.  I'd like to pass it on a little.


Randal Graves said...

Don't worry, the 'whup-ass' put a kibosh on any such new age-y sentiments.

It really is the simplest things. That's about as mind-numbingly cliché as it gets, but see a flower in a field, its color perfectly contrasted with its surroundings, a chirping bird, a few notes from anything, conjugating a new verb and using it - correctly! - if we didn't have the little things to sustain us, we'd go fucking mad.

La Belette Rouge said...

Um, no need to apologize. I tend towards dark and dysthymic and I am always happy to hear that you are doing so well and I truly find your journey and fearlessness inspiring.

And you are so not a new age gal and I love you for it. New age platitudes can lead me to banging my head against the wall. Your post has gotten me thinking and asking myself questions and that is always a good thing.
Gros bisoux!

Our Juicy Life said...

ah, the happy blogger is smiling right now - quelle surprise!

I knew it would hit you, feeling good about your decision, your surroundings, your choice, your new life. I'm sure it won't last forever, because you are you of course, so maybe you can bottle it and whip it out when you need it. But for now, smile and enjoy.

La Framéricaine said...

Congratulations, Kim, on being able to feel your happiness when it is happening.

I am completely New Age if it means projecting your mind forward in the imagination of a reality that suits you better than the one you are currently living in and then taking both symbolic and concrete actions to bring that imagined reality into existence.

Thank you for taking us all along with you as you transform your own life using this New Age tool that our ancestors could only dream of!


Non, Je ne regrette rien said...

RG-sometimes on the hamster wheel you miss all the little stuff and only see that fucking mirror in front of your face. right before you fall into the wood shavings for the night and hop back on in the morning.

LBR-thanks, love. you are, as always, too kind!

OJL~ how did I know .... ??!! :P and no being the moody so-n-so that I am, I'm sure there will be more carping to come.

LaF~ Okay - well you are right I DO utilize new age tools. concedes!