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Saturday, April 25, 2009

I love the Dordogne in the spring time ...

Yesterday was sunny and hot. So warm in fact that I spread a blanket and sunbathed in the afternoon ... yes, the kind that involves a bikini.

Today I have a log fire. It has rained all day, grey and chill.

This is not a bad thing. other than because it was so warm yesterday, I watered the garden a bit at night. today mother nature is watering! Also, I don't feel bad about staying in and working on non-house, non-garden things.

I went to Perigueux this morning and bought one of those all-in-one printer doodads. Yeah, it was 99euros (HP wireless) with a 10euro rebate. But, sending something FedEx to the states is about 50-60euros a pop. I have 2 transactions that I can now scan and email, which more than covers the investment in the printer.

So I got myself the thingamajiggy and came home and actually figured it out on my own! mostly in French! when I opened the box, I discovered directions in Espanol, Portugués, Polski, Greek, Deutsch, Francais, Italiano and Nederlands! ummmmm.

Of course, my installation disk was not recognized by my computer. grrr. But I persevered, and found a place to download the driver. and did so. and even got my laptop to recognize my device, wirelessly (listen to me talkin' all techy and shit)...

So, now I can print. and scan. in color or black and white. and photos even. the machine is smaller than the ones I've seen in the states. it has spots for memory cards too.

I've already scanned and sent one big batch. Still all thumbs though. I mean all thumbnails. cos I couldn't figure out how to compress or batch the stuff. So I had to send 5 emails, each with 4 or 5 individual thumbnails. sigh.

But ... I'm more automated and now I don't have to drive to Thiviers to print stuffs. I forgot about THAT savings. yay me!

Other indoor projects now awaiting my attention ... figuring out the tv-sur-ordinateur feature of my wireless package ... setting up a facebook store for Mignonne ... linking our new facebook store, our blog and our ebay and etsy stores all together (now THAT will be a coup-de-force, should I manage it) ... online searching for used resto equipment ...

I wonder what the weather will be like tomorrow?


Randal Graves said...

You start off with "bikini" and end with a bunch of technobabble? That's poor storytelling, mon amie.

La Framéricaine said...

You will never know how proud of you I am, and you aren't even my daughter! Lucky for you!

I sleep with my 4-in-1 thingamajiggy and Le F sleeps on a little silver metal rack just above my other 3-in-1 thingamajiggy.

Wonderful, wonderful for your being able to now send important docs and photos electronically and not having to drive to an intermediary's place. You never cease to amaze!


Felicity said...

The sense of achievement when these things work is fantastic :). Let me know if you manage the tv sur ordinateur thingy - and if you manage to get any undubbed films... Happy scanning

Notre Vie Juteuse said...

i'm very proud of your technie knowledge...very impressive. We actually laid in the sun too...it was such a beautiful day. Yesterday (Dimache) was horrible here, it rained all day. argh! This spring weather is so crazy, no wonder everything is always so green. hoping for clear skies this week.

Utah Savage said...

Really all Randal cares about is the bikini bit and he thought you were going to post bikini pics. Well, for that matter so did I.

Congratulations on all that techy stuff. I need a new printer scanner too.

Non Je Ne Regrette Rien said...

curtsies to you all. :-)