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Saturday, June 14, 2008

4 weeks. yep yep.

let the anxiety begin.

as a very nice gesture and in light of recent news events, a good friend sent me an article on self-CPR! Knowing the amount of time I spend alone, she thought it would be good info to have. A little more research reveals opinions are mixed ... but still ... thank you KD!

in this period of frantic anticipation, pending unknown, and chaotic frenzy ... who knows? there may be more than one coughing fit in my future.

*ahem.. cough cough. cough coUGH COUGH!*

ps. I had cookies for dinner to calm my nerves. cookies and red wine.

(image credit: www.mind-body-science.com)


La Belette Rouge said...

Four weeks!!!! Wow!! Keep the red wine and the cookies coming and there will be no need for CPR. Red wine is good for your heart.

Utah Savage said...

Cough, cough, cough. I may be the one who needs the self-CPR. Life long smoker that I am. But what happens in four weeks? Are you moving to France in four weeks? The thought of you farther away fills me with anxiety and delight--the anxiety for me the delight for you. I wish I had stayed in Italy. Coming back to this place was the beginning of the end for me. So, pray tell, what happens in four weeks?

Je ne regrette rien said...

yes, I leave for Brantôme in 4 weeks. but I don't leave the blogosphere. and U.S., the end isn't until your last breath. If Italy (or another place) is where your heart's desire lies, then by all means find a way to be there. and soon. I'd love to come visit you in Italy.

Stacey said...

sounds like a great dinner. I'm contemplating cupcakes and mojitos for lunch. Too much sugar, you think? Nevah! <---- I totally said that out loud!

Je ne regrette rien said...

Stacey-I totally heard you! is this cupcake revenge?! ha - I'm slurping pinot grigio for ... for whatevah.