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Friday, June 27, 2008


I've been a bad blogger. This week I've been in California where I've been working in Mignonne with my daughter to prepare for our 2nd year anniversary shindig.

Now I like to think of myself as a pretty hard worker. But every time I come down here, I am reminded of the unique aspect of physical labor. Working in corporate life can be exhausting ... but the more I am removed from it, the more I realize that stress (real or self-imagined) can drain one's energy quickly. Your physical being longs for fair play, but balance is unachievable when your psyche is flat as a pancake, mowed down by the machine of corporicana (like that?!)

When you are working at your own endeavor ... and it involves more physical work such as design, being on one's feet 8-12 hours a stretch, interacting with customers, selling, smiling, drawing upon creativity ... these things too can be exhausting, but in an entirely different sort of way.

Instead of being exhausted and coming home to numbly sit, perhaps with remote in hand, and stew over office politics ... spending another sleepless night, I have come home exhausted every night, past eleven, and dropped into bed and slept like the dead. I wake UP with sore feet! But it is a peaceful kind of tiredness, one that provides a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. I'd rather be this kind of worn out any day.

Our event was a success, a great turnout. I may write more on the subject, either here or at our shop blog, Je Suis Mignonne.

I'm returning home Sunday, where I will resume my big countdown (it will be less than 2 weeks by then, gasp!) ... and resume my more dedicated blogging ways. One thing I will be contemplating is how I achieve balance in France, making sure to create time and a rhythm for writing, while in the midst of a thousand frenzied projects. I've just rediscovered a tiny bit of my raspy writing voice ... and I don't want to lose it. I've missed the virtual pages these last few days...I want to sustain that need to write.

My kingdom (or at least a couple of free nights room and board in Brantôme) for a foot massage!


Hill Country Hippie said...

Ah Ha! Now I finally understand. For years I worked as visual merchandiser at a garden/gift shop, hauling around pottery, statues, bird baths, etc.to make my displays, while my husband sat at a desk all day. Yet he was always the one complaining of exhaustion. Now I get it!

Stacey said...

When you get back we should hit up Barefoot Sage for a foot spa, then go get cupcakes!!! :D

Utah Savage said...

I so wish I spoke French, I'd write a lovely compliment about your daughters design shop. It a gorgeous presentation. If I had money, i'd buy something.

Keep think about that story. Don't forget, you already have it all you need to do is write it down and send it to us. I'm so excited for you.

Randal Graves said...

Few things drain the soul like the corporate world, and that soul, hungry, drains the physical of its energy, leaving us a dessicated husk that once passed for human. Now, haulin' shit around and writing, those are REAL tasks and since they are, you better write so you don't lose it or we'll never stop bothering you about it.

Our Juicy Life said...

missed you over the last few days...

Je ne regrette rien said...

HCH-I feel his pain. My son works hard daily in a landscaping nursery and yet is full of energy all the time!

Stacey-tempting; we have to have one more rendez-vous before I depart. I'll call you when I am back home .... mmmmm, cupcakes!

U.S.-We have worked hard to create our store and it is truly a labor of love. While I was there this week, I did our 4th of July window ... so much fun! we are very lucky.

RG-I left an empty vessel. Slowly I am filling up ... I need a well of creativity to heal ... maybe I'll find it in France?!

OJL-I've missed the daily writing and reading; so so busy ... it has been an eye opener letting me know I need to work on putting balance among ALL the things I am trying to do. I think this is a blind spot for me, going gung ho on things and losing sight of some things. ah well ... I'm a work in progress!

As I sit here in my hotel room close to 11pm, I'm reminded of many many such nights in my old career life spent just like this; only to get up and toe the line the next day ... no wonder I ended up with nothing left for the things I love most. Gotta work on that one for sure!

francetales.com said...

2 weeks, exciting. I'm going to have to look up Brantome, are we going to be neighbors? When we had a design gallery in Philadelphia it was constant work, I actually sometimes looked forward to going to my day job while he worked at the store. Good luck or rather bon courage!

La Belette Rouge said...

I want that pedicure!! OMG! It looks like heaven. And, you sooo deserve one. Hope the hard work is soon behind you and you can submit to decadent hedonism. Maybe you deserve some new shoes too.;-)

La Framéricaine said...

Hope you've started to get some rest after your big shindig!!! You deserve it!

Je ne regrette rien said...

FT-Brantome is lovely (of course, what ELSE would I say...ha)

LBR-I know, there is a place in Cannon Beach that gives just such a thing. I want one before I go!

LF-no rest for the wicked! :P