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Sunday, June 22, 2008

prévision de ces bloggers de femmes.

I have to get on the road and drive to California, so I don't have the time to do justice to a review of a most satisfying evening. Until I can, I'm providing you with a few hors d'ouevres to whet your appetite.

We wanted to do a "guess the bloggess's cleavage" bit, but decided a "guess the bloggess's chaussures" would be a tad more circumspect.

yeah, we know. also a tad boring but isn't the trick to always leave'em wanting more? so for now I give 3 important elements of our evening.

cocktails. cake. chaussures.

(oh and please rush over to FOT's blog and wish her a happy birthday! we celebrated the coolness that was her last night. while you're there, tell her to get her butt in gear and get to blogging, won't you?)

Guess Who? (and yes, I have the SATC character assignments ready, never fear!)


Stacey said...

On the road again... lalalala lala...

Our Juicy Life said...

so I have to guess who's foot is who.
Oh man!
I'd say yours is the black peep toe
B is the silver
c is the black boot?
and LBR is the snake skin.
am I even close?

Utah Savage said...

You are the beige and gray snakeskin peep toe sling back, so very French. I don't know theother women in question, so... Alass I can make no guesses. So glad you had fun. But wwhat is wrong with cleavage? Why not both? My you are an energetic woman. I guess having a real mission is the trick.

Je ne regrette rien said...

OJL-mais non!

U.S.-no fair. and my energy pooped out. I conceded defeat at Ashland and have parked myself in a hotel for the night. whip out the rest of the trip early tomorrow. A nap, and then maybe some writing.

Artful Kisser said...

Yum! I could go that cocktail and cake right now, even if it is 11.30am. On the shoe front I can only hazard a very unsure guess and say you are the silver and buff. Thumbs up on the snakeskin though. Very hawt.

La Framéricaine said...

I would love to have been the fly on the wall at that Blahgeuse Summit! It's wonderful that circumstances conspired to allow you all to gather together in one place.