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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

eat my cake.

Another blog award from my generous fellow Bloggess Utah Savage. This one's a treat because it is frenchified. The Marie Antoinette recognition is apparently intended to go to bloggers who have something to say, who tell the truth.

I prefer to believe la Madame was a generous sort, wanting to share her gateau with the hordes at her door. Kind of like my own self-illusion, welcoming all of you hordes (okay, so I'm wont towards exaggeration) for a piece of my (not so) literary cake and sometimes even frosting!

My cake is all the flavors of the world, just like my partygoers arriving for a bite. Sometimes I don't feel like baking and cop out by serving store bought. but somehow you all still keep showing up. so here, have a piece on me.

The seven of you I'm tagging have French illusions like me ... and write in earnest about your desires and experiences in trying to make illusions reality.

In An Old House in Paris ... who is determined to master French, who has fallen in love with Paris, who has begun her dream in earnest.

These Days in French Life ... who is sort of pioneering in France, blazing new trails and taking no prisoners.

Chez Loulou ... She's tasting life in the South of France, living her dream and bedazzling us with photos of beauty. French beauty, I might add.

A Southern Belle Goes to Paris, y'all ... she dreams of her life in Paris, and is working every day to create it ... can you picture the accent?!

Chez Rigsby ... a newly discovered blogman who, like me, is documenting his new life in France.

Notre Vie Juteuse ... well, we are co-conspirators in this life adventure ... we leaped the sea to explore the land of our dreams. And I think the Marie pic will look pretty on her blog wall.

La France Profonde ... she's an old hat at this France stuff down in the Aveyron ... and hey, us 'mericans gotsta represent!

So, again I tried to introduce some new kids to the table. Move over, make room on your readers for the ones you haven't met. Make them feel welcome, won't you?

post.script. Apparently the lack of rules on this particular award are a bit befuddling. What I garnered is ... think of bloggers who impress you with the veracity of their words ... honesty, raw emotion, telling it like it is ... you get my drift. And then recognize them. From what I can tell there can be as few or as many as one wishes. Live life dangerously, just go for it ... Like Marie Antoinette!


Randal Graves said...

Since I'm a gentleman, I'll refrain from making an inappropriately snarky comment on the title of your post. Muah.

Oh, great, more blogs about living in France. Why must you torment your stateside readers?

Just for that, you've been tagged.

Our Juicy Life said...

OK, maybe too much wine or not enough wine, but I really don't get this tag, what am I supposed to do with it?

Non, Je ne regrette rien said...

OJL - all I could figure out was bestow it upon people you think speak truth. As many or as few as you choose. I think it is kind of free form, so I did what I damn well wanted to.

not that that is much of a surprise! lol.

Betty C. said...

Hi je ne...I haven't been by for awhile -- like forever -- but came by to check out the tag and just noticed your new banner photo of the Millau viaduct and GUESS WHAT? I JUST got back from Montpellier, so I was on the viaduct little over an hour ago.

I'm a little befuddled by the award/tag/whatever, but I'm doing NaBloPoMo so I'll do anything!

La Belette Rouge said...

Congrats to all these wonderful French flavored bloggers!! And, congrats to you JNRR!:-)

Michelle said...

If you've read this comment already in my blog ignore it. I TOLD you I was going to be lazy and paste it. It's a bit like some of the assignments I've been marking that have had me miss the very much needed beauty sleep :-)

Okay, looks slightly baffling. I am going to try and make sense of it tonight after French class. Tonight we are trying something new, drinking wine and nibbling cheese in the break period. Wonder if we'll all be fluent after wards.

Anyhoo, I've had something like four hours sleep and I have to do a whole week's worth of practice and homework in the next few hours. I bloody hate it when life stuff intrudes on my interests.

Utah Savage said...

Nicely done dear. I hope there is a Madame Defarge among the bunch to sharpen the blade on the guiottine, to sit outside her wineshop and knit as the heads roll. I know I'm awful, but Joe Lieberman just had his immediate future and metaphoric head, handed to him by PEBO. Ah, to hog the limelight for one more day.

Thanks for the links. New people with couches in France. Can't be a bad thing. I'll try to be charming. Hope Randal doesn't get there first. I hope there's cake.

Non, Je ne regrette rien said...

michelle-just pick a blog or more that you feel rings true, someone telling their story in a real and tangible way ... and recognize them. If there's more to it, you'll have to ask Utah.

Utah-you've a bloodthirsty side, wench! add that to the list of things I like about you!

Loulou said...

Happy to join in! Thanks for the tag.

Non, Je ne regrette rien said...

avec plaisir, Loulou!

Betty C. said...

I didn't really understand your tag well enough to do it, or I'm just too damn tired to deal with it in a proper fashion. But I did write about it: