(the misadventures of an expatriate corporate dropout)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

an attempt at a bit of 2-way blogging.

sometimes blogging feels like a one way boulevard. At wildly unpredictable times throughout the week, I place the laptop on said lap, and let my digits dance across the keyboard.

it is kind of a narcissistic event, this assuming that everyone is interested in whatever ideas or ranting that I decide to indulge myself with.

With that in mind, I thought today (inspired by reading a post on another blog) I'd turn the laptop around and inquire if there is anything about my ongoing experience that any of my readers would like know? any questions you'd like to pose?

I mean, many of you are sat squarely where I was one year ago, stuck in some area of life that was less than satisfying ... perhaps dreaming about change ... or living somewhere else (possibly France?) ... and I've been mucking through a lot of that as best I can.

Left a pretty senior corporate gig. Left some cushy digs. Left my comfort zone. Left non-celibate status. you get the picture here.

Just curious if you're curious.

Or should I just continue my usual self-centered angst awareness process and call it a day?

(photo from www.myhamilton.ca)


Randal Graves said...

D'abord, you got a fancy award.

Ensuite, oh hell. What was the final straw to get you to say "hey, I'm doing this?"

Was there even a final straw or just a slow build of ennui and good ole American blahs?

Why France? (though I assume this isn't a new infatuation/desire/whatever)

That's just off the top of my head.

Yay for angst AND narcissism, dammit.

Jonnifer said...

Do you wish you had done this to begin with, and foregone the cushy corporate life altogether?

Thanks for your blog, I've been enjoying your posts!

Michelle said...

I've about a zillion questions but they'll have to wait as I am busy working my arse off to meet a deadline.

When I get a few hours I plan to go back to the beginning. And then

The thing I am most curious about at this point, is how someone not in the EU and over 30 gets to work in France. Everything I read seems to indicate that unless you have a unique skill you've got buckleys of getting a working permit/visa(I write unmarketable literature type stuff/teach creative writing and literature-hardly 'special' there)I'm already married, so I can't go out and marry a Frenchman, and that doesn't seem to guarantee success anyway.

Thanks for your comments. I responded there, but haven't quite worked out if people are notified.

Michelle said...

Excuse the half sentence in the middle. I thought I chopped it altogether. I have a bad habit of rushing comments in five minute time grabs and not checking them before hitting the post button.

Felicity said...

Love the blog.

You moved in about the same time we did and to roughly the same area. Love to hear how you're doing.

Love the small achievements and pleasures of everyday life in France.......... and the differences!

bonnie-ann black said...

my questions:

how did you manage to move from "celibate" status?

and why rural france, and not paris?

Our Juicy Life said...

hey girlie - i love to hear about your daily routine...getting ready for mine. You thinking of planting a garden? If so, I'd love some info on that - because I want to start one when I arrive and I have never planted a garden...know there are some things you start now and in spring, etc... I say, just keep doing what you are doing and take/post more pictures.
See you soon.

Non, Je ne regrette rien said...

These questions deserve a post all their own. And so I shall make it so!

Utah Savage said...

Ye gods woman, of course we're all curious and interested. We hang hang on your every word dying to find a way to get there from here. Green with envy is what I am. Good thing green's a good color on me.

Non, Je ne regrette rien said...

U.S.-green is my favorite color but never thought of that fact in terms of jealousy... I wish more of you could follow me here, what a party that would be!