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Monday, September 29, 2008

guess I'm not a very good stalker.

I lost track of my madcap Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby publicity hijinx somewhere in the middle of that big North America landmass.

The good news is they haven't hit Cleveland yet, so I can still warn Randal way in advance to get his frenchified derriére in gear and get on down there. (Can't miss it, RG!)

In an attempt to retrieve my reputation as a class A stalkerphile, I'm just going to post the rest of their tour dates now and bump it up when necessary. Lame, I know but I'm busy. and distracted. and other stuffs. But I have seen your footprints from cities below and I can assure you, you will not regret checking them out. Dammit, I want one reader to tell me they went ~ and I'll have questions ready, so no fibbing!

Sep 23 2008 8:00P, Thunderbird Cafe, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Sep 25 2008 8:00P, Jammin Java, Vienna, Virginia

Sep 26 2008 8:00P, North Star Bar, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Sep 27 2008 8:00P, Southpaw Brooklyn, New York

Sep 30 2008 8:00P, Beachland Tavern, Cleveland, Ohio

Oct 2 2008 9:00P, Schuba’s Chicago, Illinois

Oct 3 2008 8:00P, 7th Street Entry, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Oct 4 2008 8:00P, Sam’s Saloon, Indianapolis, Indiana

Oct 7 2008 7:00P, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario

Oct 8 2008 8:00P, The Bop Shop, Rochester, New York
Oct 9 2008 8:00P, Cafe Nine, New Haven, Connecticut

Oct 12 2008 8:00P, TT the Bears, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Also check out Amy's blog to read all about their Grand Tour! Check out their myspace.com page to hear a clip of their cool music!


Randal Graves said...

Ahem. It's Randal with one L. One. I'm not an amp, though I do have one in my basement.

If I can't go, I'm going to be bummed for three reasons:

1. As a general rule, I'd much rather go to a show than work.

2. What I checked out of their stuff on the intertubes I liked.

3. You'll never let me hear the end of it, which will be, for me, a combination of self-flagellation and annoyance at your no doubt endless future taunts, added with subtlety to every comment. ;-)

Of course, I've got three death/black metal bands I'm seeing on Tuesday, so I might be deaf anyway.

Non, Je ne regrette rien said...

rushes off to fix Monsieur Graves' name. vit!

La Framéricaine said...

You couldn't pay me to cleave to such a schedule! No doubt your friends are simply failed airline pilots!!! Hope Randal makes it to a concert, in any event! I sure won't. I can hardly get out of bed.

Michelle said...

Wow, I love them. I can see why you stalk them.

here's a link to those that I stalk.

OH, I have just thought of a way to link to them in a post of my all things tenuously French passion related blog

No time at present, but I will get to it one day.

Non, Je ne regrette rien said...

LaF~ Can you believe their energy? I assure you, the positive vibe just flows ...

Michelle~ They are wonderful in person as well.

Can't wait to check out your tip!

amy said...

Synchronicity! I hadn't had a chance to drop by in weeks, to see how things are going for you - and there we are on your blog.

thanks for cranking the publicity machine, and we look forward to meeting up when we're back in France...though you probably won't recognize the subhuman shells we'll have become by then!

Now I must try to write something, if I remember how.

a bientot Amy