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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Yesterday on the train ride home, Johnelle and I were futzing with our cameras ... she asked me to show her which setting I used to mute the camera's 'beeping' noise it makes when performing functions.

Getting right down to brass tacks, let me tell you that it seems while I was fooling around in the 'format' section of my camera,  I have deleted all data on the memory card in my camera. Which is basically all the photos I have taken since I arrived here. and for a few weeks before leaving.

Until recently this wouldn't be a big deal. But my laptop has been having some memory issues and so I deleted all the photos from my computer ... until I could figure it out.

So basically ... except for photos on my blog and the few I transferred to a recently opened flickr account, the photos are gone. Unless someone out there in blog land knows how to recover images from a memory card on a Pentax Optio.

(blog updates soon, we are home now.)

(lack of picture courtesy of the clumsy american@geeiamstupid.com)


wcs said...

Oh no! I hate when stuff like that happens. I wouldn't have a clue.

Stacey said...

sorry, no way. If your files are still in your trash on the laptop you might be able to get those.

that sucks.

Stacey said...

for future reference, "format" always means "make this memory like it was brand new," synonymous with "erase."

Some idiot about 20 years ago thought that would be a better word to use than "erase everything forever."

Randal Graves said...

Ugh. Double ugh.

I know this doesn't help you now and is grounds for a right hook to the jaw, but get a jump drive for the future and with a wonky laptop, backup all your stuff.

Aw, stacey, that's nothing. The public copiers here at work don't say 'add/insert money' but 'please enable external control device.'

La Framéricaine said...

1) I'm really sorry that happened. I always start hyperventilating and causing large surges of adrenaline throughout my circulatory system until I get brain lock when that happens.

2) Brings back memories of your Bête's drowned laptop.

3) Do invest in a copy of Dr. Richard O'Connors' "Undoing Perpetual Stress:...", available through Amazon, of course, but also abebooks.com or alibris.com. Worth it's weight in lost memories.

4) So happy to hear from you and hope your life is going really well, aside from the memory/image loss.