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Sunday, September 7, 2008

missourah. kansas city. they got some crazy li'l women there and ...

thus continues my stalking, I mean publicity support, of Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby...what can I say, now I'm committed ... got to see this thing through.  The duo are making their way to Kansas City. Kansas City here they come. And after that St. Louis!

Sep 9 2008, 9:00PM   Knuckleheads   Kansas City, Missouri 
Sep 10 2008, 8:00PM Off Broadway   St. Louis, Missouri

I'm not entirely certain, but I might have seen ONE reader from Missourah leave a footprint.  If you are still out there and see this, go check'em out.

Be a part of the 'blogging community' and go enjoy some fabulous music. If YOU, my fellow bloggers and/or readers, do hit their concert, stop back by and let us know.  

Did I mention they are my new neighbors up the road in Chalus! (Sha-loo for you non-Francophiles.  but if you are non-Francophiles, why are you here? oh yeah, my sparkling wit and magnetic personality!)

Also check out Amy's blog to read all about their Grand Tour! Check out their myspace.com page to hear a clip of their cool music!

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