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Friday, April 4, 2008

advice from readers.

I'm writing this blog in part with a selfish aim. To put in black and white the experiences I encounter as I go through a major life change. Sometimes with a female perspective top of mind. A corporate break. A move abroad. A plethora of travel adventures. A renovation of a centuries old dwelling. A reinvention of how I live going forward. But I'm also hoping to share ideas and inspiration for others contemplating any aspect of these types of changes.

I hope over the course of these writings, folks reading might recognize a similar struggle or challenge. Understand that seemingly impossible change might in fact be possible. Garner some tips in how to cope. Or accomplish. Or dream.

I also know that some of my readers have already taken the plunge in one or more of these areas. Since I am just embarking, what advice can you share? What anecdote might make me (or another reader) chuckle and take heart? What references or tips would you pass on as helpful to the cause?

Readying my note pad ...

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