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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

weighed down by stuff.

Let me tell you one thing this packing phase has shown me. I am one person. One little person. Okay, one little person with two little dogs. But still.

I am surrounded by stuff. A lot of it isn't even stuff. It is crap. I have too much crap. I will be selling a LOT of this crap. I will be giving away a LOT of this crap. I will be throwing out even more of this CRAP.

I feel pinned down by all this crap. I feel small and yet HEAVY. I look at all of it and think ... I have spent hours, days, weeks, months, YEARS working to buy a good deal of this shit. God Bless America. I've had it up to here with this crap.

I'm going to rid myself of as much as I can muster. I don't want to have to support any more of this stuff than I have to. It is an enormous, overwhelming task.

But I imagine I will feel as light as a feather when it is over.


Stacey said...

YAY!!! That has been my experience as we reduce our junk. It just feels so much better to possess (be possessed by) less stuff.

Diane said...

It's very cleansing to rid yourself of all your collected excess baggage. Makes you realize what really is important to you.

Tim and I used to move periodically just for that reason, then I got divorced and stayed in one place for 5 years. Amazing the stuff I collected!

It's nice to because it gives you the time to remember how you got to this place...memories are all we really have.

Allison said...

Ha, a woman after my own heart! Too much stuff!! Smothering!

8 months ago I left my cute little bungalow filled with stuff, gave away bunches, sold some, stored the rest (a bunch of this will not be coming back into my house), and moved with my computer, my dog, my bass guitar, and my bed to house share. The simplicity of it is divine!! Alas, I didn't move to France :(....but I did open up a whole new existence all the same!

Part of my solution to my midlife crisis was launching a website and online community for women in mid-life, www.womenbloom.com

I don't regret a single moment.

You go girl! Ha, I see you're a Sag too, that explains a lot :)

Kimberlee said...

allison-sounds like you held on to the important stuff! welcome to my spot ~