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Monday, April 21, 2008

spread your wings and go with the flow.

I just finished a little stay at Nye Beach in Newport, Oregon. I'll have more stories regarding my week-end soon, but wanted to share an "aha" that came to me as I sat in the most lovely room right on the beach ... gazing out the window at the flocks of seagulls.

Seagulls have it all figured out, don't you know? They play happily on the windcurrents, spreading their wings and offering themselves to the invisible winds with absolute faith and trust that unseen forces will support and guide them on their frolic. Do seagulls hesitate, worried that they will fall splat out of the sky? Do they go beak-first against the wind, determined to go exactly opposite from where this free energy will take them? Do they hang and twist their gnarly little claws in fear, demonstrating their need for their own little back-up plan in case this wind thing doesn't work out?

As I sat observing them spreading their wings and gliding along the currents, trusting that they will go exactly where they not only need to go ... but are supposed to go, I experienced my own little epiphany.

Who knew?


La Framéricaine said...

Dear Kimberlee,

Great post! Especially, "...their need for their own little back-up plan in case this wind thing doesn't work out?"

I have so many "back-up" plans, I need a separate briefcase for them! Although I call them "Plan B" and have a pied à terre in PlanBlandia!

Congratulations on your seagull-inspired epiphany, we could all do with a few more of those.


Diane said...

I love seagulls. Bethany says it's because I've never been pooed on by one. She could have a point.