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Monday, April 28, 2008

checking off my list.

In preparing to make my move, of COURSE I compiled a task list. This has helped in the transition from corporate life as well, still feeling like I'm managing something ... myself, the biggest management challenge of all time!

One of my lingering projects has been that there are numerous repairs to be completed at my various homesteads. And that is before I arrive in France.

A MAJOR "checkmark" was issued this week-end, thanks to my friend and hero, Kelly. After the big Oregon coastal storms, my beach cabin was injured and left with hanging rain gutters. My neighbors had a pool going as to exactly how long I would wait before fixing the mess. I think I exceeded all of their bets, so bully for me! After about 5 months of fretting, this week-end the remains of the old and rusty gutter were ripped down and a new gleaming-white version installed. Kelly not only replaced the old, but improved on its functionality by digging a trench and placing the drain underground to maximize its usage.

And all of it was done in under 3 hours. Kelly, you are amazing!

Before and after at La Cabane de Sirène:

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Kelly said...

Blush blush. It is the least I could do since you've let us use the house soooo much!